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 Sue has devoted over fourteen years of her life making a difference to the children of Watamu, but there are still so many vulnerable children who need help. The Happy House opened in March 2010. It is home to children who have been orphaned, abandoned, and in some cases cruelly abused. Sue has made a difference can you? Please help and make a donation

For the latest news from the Happy House on how people are helping fundraising please read Sue's blog for regular updates and photos. You can even respond to The Happy House blog.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in so many ways from bungi jumping to baking cakes. All that of you who sponsor children. To all of you have been kind enough to arrange standing orders for the Happy House Kids. These generous payments made it possible for us to finish and furnish the Happy House ready for the children to come 'home'

Since the year 2000 the charity has been very hard working in Watamu in many ways, now, we must turn our attention to the Happy House that is home to orphans, abandoned and abused children in Watamu and the surrounding areas .Some people call these places Orphanages, but to us that conjures up pictures of a Charles Dickens novel, where cold, dirty, frightened children huddle together for comfort. We don’t want this. We want Happy Kids. Ours is a Happy home for children. When you stand outside you hear laughter and singing. When you come inside you see happy, healthy, smiling faces.

The very high number of orphans is due to Aids, Malaria and many other diseases that these people have to contend with on a day to day basis. Numerous children are abandoned. Brothers and sisters try and care for each other, some are not much older than the children they are struggling to care for. Children have disappeared from the village. If a child anywhere in the world goes missing it is headline news. In Watamu a child goes missing,’ well it was an orphan” Where has the kid gone! Where are these children? Are they still alive? Please help me!!We need the Happy House, a place where these very vulnerable frightened, abandoned and orphaned children can go to sleep in a bed and wake up to a breakfast. A place where they will grow to be part of a 'family' in a loving caring atmosphere.

Sue Hayward and Happy House ChildrenThe Happy House children thrive with caring, supportive staff and the backing of its sponsors, volunteers and trustees. Without it, these children would be destitute, finding scraps to eat in the bush and sleeping rough. They would have no home, no medicines and no education no future and the great possibility of – not surviving at all.
This project provides a vital link for so many children, who will pass through its doors over the next 99 years and beyond. Children who will hold their heads high and be proud to say ‘I was a Happy House Kid ‘

Work started on the building at the end of August 2008. We received very generous donations from Nyumbani UK, Coca-Cola Africa, Zurich, Scott Bader and The Jephcott Trust, We truly thank all the people who have done slims, runs, swims etc etc. You know who you are Thank you to everyone it is fantastic what has been achieved for these very defenseless and frightened children. Many were sleeping rough begging for food just trying to survive until the Happy House could open its doors to save them from a life of desperation and hopelessness.
Not only did we have to build the Happy House we needed to equip it for children from birth to whatever the age of children who need our help. The children needed beds, linen, cups, and plates, everything that your children need in your home. Now that we are open, the everyday needs have changed to food, nappies, baby milk and everyday consumables. Please see our Wish List

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Halfway House

halfway house

The next step … taking the Happy House into the future

Making room

Our family is growing so fast, in number and in size. Just like any family, as children grow so do their needs.

Mama's Wish List

Wishes come true

Can you help?

Please help us to make them smile !

To donate a gift please visits the Happy House Wish List. Your gift can help make a difference to these vulnerable children

Find out more about volunteering with the Children of Watamu Charity at the Happy House. Follow this link

Please set up a monthly standing order for  £20 to sponsor one of our children. Now the Happy House is up and running the monthly donation is used to provide the day to day needs of the child you will be sponsoring. You will be introduced to 'your' child through pictures and email. Regular updates will be sent to you of the child that you are saving from a life of hardship, and desperation. You will see 'your' child grow to be a Happy healthy confident individual who will hold their head high and be so proud to say ‘I am a Happy House Kid ‘Sponsored Child Scheme
The monthly standing order can be downloaded via this link . Please fill in your form and send it to your bank. If you would then email Sue with all your details, name address, phone number email. amount and start date. If you require and further information please ring Elizabeth Gomm on 07905130589
Please visit our Wish List you may wish to sponsor a child as a present for a loved one.

For further details and information please contact Sue or Elizabeth who will be able to help you to change lives. All contact details are on the left of this page

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