Wishes come trueMama Sue's Wish:

I wish the world was without poverty, and every child born was loved and cared for.
I wish that all children were free from neglect and abuse.
I wish every child was safe and happy.
I wish every child could go to sleep in a bed & wake up to a breakfast.
I wish that all children who are suffering could be brought home to the Happy House.

With such a large family of ages from babies to 17 years, we are always in need of so many things.

For our babies we need disposal nappies, creams, soap, petroleum jelly etc. Everything you need for your babies we need for ours.

For our teenagers we need roll-on deodorants, sanitary pads and teenage bras.

When it comes to clothes, the girls just love leggings.

With most of our 112 children attending school, black leather shoes are always needed. with a donation of £10 we can buy shoes locally, which also helps the local community.

Short socks, white and black, plus knickers and underpants are always needed for children from 2 to 17 years. We can never have too many!

Parcel from a friend


  • Clothing: Lightweight raincoats or cagoules, specially ages 3-4 and 15-18; summer clothing, shorts and  tshirts for the boys, dresses or skirts and tops for the girls are ideal. The girls love leggings. Lightweight pyjamas for boys & girls ages 2 - 13
  • DVDs & CD Rom Educational for maths, spelling etc. French & computer skills. Also, football and aerobics.
  • Our ongoing  needs are:- Baby wipes, toothpaste, Vaseline, soap, nappy rash cream. Shoe polish. Pampers numbers 2,3, & 4. Girls knickers age 2 -17 years, pencils & rubbers exercise books, paperback books for the library, white board marker pens.
Last year, Dawn Heather White in North Ireland threw out a £3 challenge to her colleagues asking them to buy clothing to the value of £3 in the summer sales for a Happy House child. Everyone took it to heart and we received dozens of items of beautiful clothing which ensured each child had a new outfit for Christmas. If you are coming to visit the Happy House  then maybe you and your friends would like to help in this way. Any size will fit somebody in the Happy House Family
Mama says: "Until our children came to us most had lived in rags and had certainly never had new clothing, so having lovely new clothes means so much to them. They get so excited when they have a new t-shirt, shorts or dress and can't wait to see how they look in it.
"To our children who were living in poverty or neglect, Christmas and birthdays were just another day - another day living in the shadow of fear, hunger or abuse.
"Now they are no longer live with shadows. They are safe, happy, healthy, confident and, above all, loved. Having a family Christmas, with a tree,trimmings and a visit from Santa, makes magical memories for each and every child.
"You can help to make a child smile, by sending a donation for just one small gift.
If you are visiting our family, we would be grateful if you can bring some of our ongoing needs. If while you are here you would like to contribute to our weekly food shopping Mama Sue is only too pleased to help and advise and to arrange for you to go to local shops used by us where we know you will get a fair price  sue@childrenofwatamu.net
It is very expensive for people to post gifts out to us here at the Happy House. When the parcel arrives we then have to pay import duty on everything before the post office will release the parcel to us. It hurts as the parcel is being for TWICE !
Many people are kind enough to make a donation towards the cost of import duty on the parcels they send.
If you would like to help toward paying for our daily needs please make a donation online at JustGiving    Please email Sue to say what you would like the donation to be used for  sue@childrenofwatamu.net  We will be delighted to send you pictures of the children receiving your gifts or of the food we have been able to buy due to your kindness and generosity.This method also supports the local community.
You can also contact Elizabeth our UK Volunteer Co ordinator & Trustee for further help and information. elizabethgomm@childrenofwatamu.net or telephone 
 07905 130589
If you would like to make a donation by cheque (payable to Happy House) send to Elizabeth at 6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8NS
Thank you all for caring ... it is your support that makes our work possible.


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