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Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme: Giving education and hope

 5746c668eb141In  May 2016, we have 75 children and young people from the local community, all with proven need, on free place scholarships in our primary and secondary school.

We desperately need to find sponsors for these youngsters, all desperate to learn, and to keep them in education - their only road out of poverty.

It costs £20 a month to sponsor a scholarship student. Please email:  and read on to find out more about this very important scheme and how it came about.


Mama Sue’s scholarship dream: In 2012, on a trip to the UK for a charity night Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer.scholar 2

A bombshell for Sue and Dave, who thought they were living the dream with their wonderful family of Kenyan kids, the diagnosis, required radical surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Herceptin, which meant months of exile from the family they love.

Rosemere Cancer Centre consultant oncologist, Dr Falalu Danwata was key to that treatment, but he gave much more than medical expertise. Sue, a patient at his clinic at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, said: “Due to his support and advice neither Papa nor I ever doubted that I would be well again.”

On making a full recovery Sue, returned to the Happy House, with Dave. She knew there was something more she had to do.

Whilst in hospital, she’d woken from a dream where she had seen a group of sad-eyed older kids, dressed in rags, sitting in the bush near a plot of land purchased and earmarked for our secondary school.

scholarshipFive months later, Sue was to meet these children after hearing about kids being denied any schooling because of their extreme poverty: Boys working on building sites, several days a week, to feed themselves and attending “free” school on other days but little because teachers would not help them and, in some cases, would not mark their books without payment.

Young girls, who would have been forced into marriage for the dowry they would bring to their family, or taken out of school and made to work in menial roles, because education for girls is not considered important.

They now have education and opportunity.

Sue Dave and dr DanwataInitially, Sue decided to offer 20 free scholarships, a huge step because of the financial implications, giving young people, of proven need and with a real desire to learn, free education, uniform, shoes, books, PE kit and meals.

Sue named them the Dr Danwata Scholarships in honour of Dr Danwata, a Nigerian, who grew up in humble circumstances.

“I can never thank him enough, or those people who educated him and made him into the person he is. He once told me education was the most precious gift to any child, something that nobody could ever take away. We know that he will be an inspiration to all our students and to all our family,” said Sue.

Sponsor a scholarship student:

We desperately need sponsors for our Dr Danwata Scholars.

It costs £20 each month (or £240 annually) to secure the education of a scholarship student and to change a life forever.

In return, you will receive a profile and picture of your student, plus school reports and updates. You can write or send emails, photos, postcards etc to your child and share with them a wider world.£

If you have a business you could consider endowing the money needed to educate a scholarship child.

Sue Hayward, founder:

Elizabeth Gomm, voluntary UK coordinator:

What’s next?


In January 2016, after a huge fundraising drive and with tremendous support from our friends, we opened our secondary school.

Our first primary class eight, kids either living in care of Happy House or scholarship students from abject poverty, became our first Form 1 secondary.

These young people, some who hadn't been in school and could speak very little English back in 2014, were all successful in passing their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education - an amazing achievement!

Our own secondary school was essential because it ensures  we can  continue the excellence of education pupils are receiving in our lower schools at Happy House .

Enthusiastic teachers, who have been introduced to innovative teaching methods, deliver lively classes. Every child receives the care and encouragement they need. Corporal punishment is not allowed under any circumstance.

Our aim is to secure the funding we need to extend the Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme by offering free places to more young people not accessing any schooling because of poverty.

 Our long term aim is to make the schools - KG, primary and secondary- entirely free to children living in Happy House care and others, of proven need with a real desire to learn, from the local community.

Please help us to make this possible. 


Mercy, 15: “I am happy to have this great opportunity. I promise to work hard in school.”

Mercy Rehema 2Mercy Rehema

sponsor kids e 042 - CopyLiving in poverty:

Poverty is a fact of life for many Kenyans. Luxury is knowing there will be a meal every day. These are homes to three of our scholarship children.

A single room of concrete blocks for a mum and her boys who are Dr Danwata scholars.

A tiny mud house, with adult sleeping area curtained off, is home to a family of four plus their teenage relative who has a Dr Danwata scholarship.

Dr Falfalu Danwata


Dr Danwata: I was surprised to hear that Sue and her charity had decided to honour me with naming the scholarship scheme after me. It is an honour and privilege. I’m happy to associate myself to this noble cause which will hopefully enable many children to achieve their full potential.”


Elizabeth Gomm, UK coordinator,

Tel: 07905 130 589







Please help us to make them smile

To donate a gift please visits the Happy House Wish List. Your gift can help make a difference to these vulnerable children

Find out more about volunteering with the Children of Watamu Charity at the Happy House. Follow this link

Please set up a monthly standing order for  £20 to sponsor one of our children. Now the Happy House is up and running the monthly donation is used to provide the day to day needs of the child you will be sponsoring. You will be introduced to 'your' child through pictures and email. Regular updates will be sent to you of the child that you are saving from a life of hardship, and desperation. You will see 'your' child grow to be a Happy healthy confident individual who will hold their head high and be so proud to say ‘I am a Happy House Kid ‘Sponsored Child Scheme
The monthly standing order can be downloaded via this link . Please fill in your form and send it to your bank. If you would then email Sue with all your details, name address, phone number email. amount and start date. If you require and further information please ring Elizabeth Gomm on 07905130589
Please visit our Wish List you may wish to sponsor a child as a present for a loved one.

For further details and information please contact Sue or Elizabeth who will be able to help you to change lives. All contact details are on the left of this page

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