A unique and special place

Volunteer Adriana Prieto, from Mexico:  I spent most of three months  in Happy House, but meanwhile I had the opportunity to know other orphanages. Happy House is unique.
It is sad to see how the other orphanages struggle to survive every day because of the lack of structure and organization and also because a bad use of economic resources.
Friends of mine in Mexico ask me how and where they can send help, my only answer is: Happy House. Why? Because I trust Mamma Sue and her staff, all the help you send you will see there, at Happy House, in the kids.
Kids that every morning wake up with a smile, excited to go to school.  Happy House kids are kids like you and me, kids that are ready to go out to the world and have the same opportunity to get a job, and that is because the preparation that Happy House gave them. No difference.
Today everybody talks about Happy House in Watamu as the best social project… and they are right.''

I was so impressed

Paul Hatch of London: The Happy House Kenya is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people.  It was lovely to see the family and how  they all work together. I was so impressed that everything was shared even down to the sweets at I took. It was also lovely to hear that the children themselves had decided that any child over 8 yrs of age was going to help wash their school uniforms and clean their shoes on a daily rota. 

Worth 1000 lives

Christina, Stefano with Lidia and Lauri , from ItalyIt was a big surprise to see such a well organized and equipped structure!
Definitely Mama Sue and the staff have  and are doing an amazing job.
What you are doing during this one life is worth 1000 lives and more.

Jill Armstrong of Preston

Jill and Mick Armstrong of Preston, Lancashire are in the sponsor families of Mwende and Charity. Jill says: "I can't describe how important, and how special, it was for us to finally be there, to meet everyone in the Happy House, and to strengthen our connection to Mwende and Charity. Saying goodbye was difficult, a huge tug at our heartstrings, after having become so attached to so many people.
"Our experiences and feelings reinforce exactly why we chose this particular charity to support.
" It enables people to become as personally involved as they choose to be"