Secondary School

Hayward’s Happy House School completed and opened its secondary school in January 2016.

The first students were those moving up from our Primary Class Eight, all of whom successfully passed their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education national exam.

This was a huge achievement as all most all form classwere youung people, from abject poverty, who are have free-places on our Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme and who had been excluded from education by other schools because of their inability to pay or to make a financial contribution.

Now thanks, to those who help us by sponsoring a scholarship student (and we always need more sponsors) and other who believe in what wea re doing, these kids have a chance to break free from the cycle of poverty into which they were born.

In our secondary school we lay firm academic foundations for our pupils and prepare them for a confident and positive transition into the adult world.

Carefully selected, highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers inspire students to succeed in all levels of academic studies as well developing a broad range of interests and skills.

Our school is a warm and friendly educational community, conducive to learning, which encourages individuality and creativity.  Good manners and consideration for others are of prime importance.

Founded in 2011, Hayward’s Happy House School is a not-for-profit organisation which is a part of CHILDREN OF WATAMU, a UK registered charity (1098731), founded by Sue Hayward who established the Happy House Children’s Home in 2010. The Happy House is now home to 100+ orphaned, abandoned, neglected or abused children aged from a few months to teenagers.  

Happy House and Hayward’s Happy House School have been built and equipped and are maintained by charitable support and fees help sustain the school.

On a dedicated site, the schools are purpose built and the secondary school gives continuity of our exceptionally high standards – equipping students for a future where they will be able to use their abilities to the full, be it by going on to further or higher education, or into the workplace.

As a day school we are offering all that boarding secondary schools give, thus making an excellent and well-rounded education more affordable.

So far so good we have managed to move on upto Form 2 after the second lot from primary joined the secondary class with an amazing good performance.

Hayward’s Happy House Secondary School is acheiving exceptionally good results and is already standing out from the crowd.


CURRICULUM and CLASS SIZE:  The curriculum is the 8.4.4 system Kenyan curriculum. Each class will have a maximum of 25 students. 

COMPUTER STUDIES:  In the 21st century developing literacy with information and communication technology (ICT) is key, and we have a dedicated and well equipped computer room with internet access (which is monitored). ICT in our classrooms will continue to evolve as new technologies emerge over time.  Digital technology is important in every area of learning and employment and is crucial to any young person seeking employment in many areas of business or commerce. Computer science is a growing source of employment.

RESEARCH: We have an excellent and well stocked library with a computerised management system. Research is used as a mode of teaching and being able to research through books, information technology etc empowers students to succeed.

SCIENCE: A well-equipped laboratory will enable students to do practical lessons with ease.

LANGUAGES: French will be offered to all students.

SPORT: Sport is another area important to personal development and physical and mental wellbeing.  We are well equipped and will offer sporting activities including athletics, rounders, rugby, badminton, basketball, volley ball, netball and soccer which is more than most other local schools.

LIFESKILLS:  Preparing students for adult life is key. Currently our students learn cookery in our well equipped kitchen, where food hygiene is also emphasised.  In our garden, our young farmers are taught farming skills.  Additional skills include lessons in sewing basic vehicle mechanics from mechanic and electrical skills are offered by qualified and experienced  Happy House staff happy to share their knowledge with secondary students.

Volunteers from around the world assist in our school, under direction,   broadening the outlook of our students.

DISCIPLINE:   We havean innovative approach to education and believe discipline should be meted out in a positive way and using non-punitive methods, this gives us a well ordered school with well-behaved pupils. We positively encourage the speaking of English, good manners, respect for other people’s feelings and needs, a respect for property and an attitude of self-discipline and trust. We encouraged and praise our children for what they do well in order to encourage positive self-esteem and growing self-confidence.  Poor behaviour and attitudes are dealt with appropriately. Corporal punishment is not allowed under any circumstances.

EDUCATIONAL TRIPS: Educational trips are an important part of learning.

EXCHANGE PROGRAMME: We are committed to an exchange programme with other schools.

HEALTHY EATING:  A balanced diet of freshly cooked ingredients is offered during lunchtime and snacks.