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Children of watamu charity's Happy House is a children's home in Watamu,Kenya providing a safe and loving family home for upto 100 children.

David and Sue Hayward came to kenya on holiday in the year 1998.What they saw they could not believe,children at the local school counting with stones,drawing with sticks in the sand.Sue said this cannot be right,in this day and age.

So she set about building a good school,once it was complete(infact,junior and secondary)she saw a great need for a childrens home.So once she had required some land in 2007,off she went again in 2010.She took in her first children in a short time,we reached 104 kids from all kinds of back ground.When we could repatriate we did at present we have 50.

Currently we have 50 children and young people living in our care,some of who are able to maintain contact with relatives,others who have no known family.

It is the young people without family members who remain at risk when they reach 18 and are no longer able to live within the care of a children's home.

After 12 years in existence,we are having young people who have gone on to higher education or vocational studies.

A few who are lucky enough to be working and studying remotely,are able to support themselves renting small studio apartments.

For others the cost of finding a place to live is totally prohibitive and brings with it a new challenge.

For this reason we must create a Halfway House where young people,with no hope of being able to support themselves with a home in the community,can live,rent free if necessary,until they are working and in a position to pay their way.

Take John for example.He came to us at 15 having existed  on the streets.

He had received no schooling and could neither read nor write.

Learning was a new experience for him,starting from scratch and going through primary school.He can read and write and do basic maths but he did not reach a  level to pass his kenya certificate of primary Education  to go on to secondary school.

With the Government now enforcing the rule that young people must leave the care of a children's home at 18,we tried to find home for John but without success.Everything was too expensive.

A generous supporter is meeting the cost of a two year vocational plumbing course at college.He is enjoying it and working really hard.

Our administrator has given him a temporary home in a building she has which was meant for her household help.Ideally,she needs it for her house girl who looks after her children while she is working,but has taken John in because we could  find nothing else for him.This is,we stress,a temporary arrangement.

As soon as it is possible for him to support himself he will.

John is just one example of need.

As time moves on,there will be other children,more academically able,who will want to go on to college but will have nowhere to live while they study or learn a trade because they have no relatives to take them in.

We have recently been able to purchase a plot of land for 32,000 GBP where we intend to build two,two bedroom,apartments and two bedsits.

To do this we must raise 45,317 GBP a mammoth task for a small charity like our own.

The cost breakdown is from Ksh to GBP(based on a rate of 145ksh to 1GBP :

1. Foundation and walling                                        920.000ksh                            6.345GBP

2. Walling works                                                         840.000ksh                             5.793GBP

3. Roofing concrete slab                                           880.000ksh                             6.069GBP

4. Doors                                                                        280.000ksh                             1.931GBP

5. Windows                                                                  290.000ksh                              2.000GBP

6. Plastering work                                                       562.000ksh                              3.876GBP

7.Floor tiles                                                                  668.000ksh                               4.607GBP

8. Plumbing                                                                 540.000ksh                               3.724GBP

9. Electrics                                                                   342.000ksh                               2.359GBP

10. Grilles                                                                     280.000ksh                               1.931GBP

11. Kitchen & bathrooms                                          320.000ksh                                2.207GBP

12. Perimeter wall                                                      369.000ksh                                2.545GBP

13. Painting                                                                 280.000ksh                                1.931GBP

                  TOTAL : 6.571,000 = 45,317GBP

We must raise this money as soon as possible so that we can create a safe living space for the young people who will not,temporarily be able to support themselves.

In the case of a child with learning difficulties, he/she needs long term supported living. we must be prepared.

Our children know from the time they are entrusted into our care by social services that Once a Happy House Kid.

We are their family and families look after each other.

We are appealing to YOU to helping any way that you can,by making a donation,organising fundraising,by helping to apply to charitable trusts or by spreading the word.

These young people need help to secure their futures as valuable,contributing,members of their community.

Our halfway house is their steepping stone to full financial independence. 

 If you would like to make a donation please visit:- Paypal donation


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