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Due to the fact that all schools have been closed because of the pandemic we took the decision to educate the Happy House Children at home via laptops and televisions using Zoom on the internet.  Teachers are at school connecting to our resources here at the Happy House. The teachers knowledge is also being expanded by the resources they are using. The latest exam results for the children are astounding.  The information available from the internet is far superior anything that can be learnt from text books here in Kenya.

We have seen how this method both engages and inspires our children. They respond because they are excited by what they are seeing and hearing. The children discuss together, helping one another, this is the way they excel in all subjects.

At school we have a wonderful up to date computer suite, which enables our children to learn how to use technology, so the next step must be to take this method into each of the 10 classrooms when the school reopens. We have 4 large screen televisions that we are using at the Happy House plus 6 laptops. By delivering the education that we have learnt and developed because of the pandemic it will bring a lasting benefit to our youngsters and something very positive from these troubled times.

Education is the only road out of poverty.

Each television costs 250 GBP and the laptops 225 each.

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