I was very pleased when Simon Emmett asked me visit Aston and Cote Primary School near Bampton Oxfordshire. Earlier this year Simon set himself the challenge of swimming 100 kilometers in 100 days for the Happy House children. Not an easy task, but Simon not only completed his aim but also raised £3,248.
 Marjorie Ottley the headmistress of the school  Simon's daughter attends wanted a cultural link with a school in Africa so we were delighted to combine the two. It was a lovely afternoon, I spoke to Class 5 about the children in Watamu and we had a very energetic questions and answers session. Later a DVD was shown to all the school and I was presented with a cheque  the children had made. That will now be taken to our children in Watamu who will be exchanging emails and photographs with the children at Aston.
 Children working for other less fortunate children really does warm my heart.