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Happy birthday Happy House

Today, March 17, our Happy House is 11.

And our family will be celebrating with a sports day, something all our children love.

"Where,' says Mama Sue, "have the years gone?" 

She is so busy with both the children's home and school, she must feel she's been caught up in a tornado.

To those of us who have been involved since the start (some of us were at the opening) it's wonderful to see how she has grown and developed her Happy House to meet the needs of her growing children in a changing world.

It has been a tough road for Mama Sue and Papa Dave, but they have never wanted to turn back or wished they hadn't started out.

t is the children that have, and will, pass through the Happy House gates that drive them on. 

Because of her the frightened, sad, and, in some cases, poorly, little people who come into the care of her Happy House and her team, are transformed into bright, healthy, confident, loved and honest youngsters. 

This week and over the coming days we are bringing you videos of our children speaking for themselves.They know the Happy House better than others.

Today, it is the turn of Ludwin, Michael, Elizabeth and Oh-Oh (Emmanuel), they are a smiley little group who have all been with us since they were babies. 

Who knows where they would have been today without Mama Sue and our Happy House?

To everyone at the Happy House and to our extended family of sponsors and supporters around the world, Happy Birthday

.No, Mama, we don't know where the years have gone but we, and those children whose lives you have touched,  are grateful to you, always, for every second, of every minute, of every day of every year you have devoted to them.

Our thanks to you and to our wonderful Papa Dave, too.

Happy House smiles
A family within a family

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