When Nasri Juma came to Happy House as one of our Dr Danwata scholars in 2014 he was shy and lacking in self-belief.

There had been huge gaps in his schooling because there was no money to pay. He was living in poverty with his grandmother, his mother had left him a long ago.

But despite not being in school, Nasri hadn't lost his thirst for knowledge, school was the one place he wanted to be.

He knew that with an education he would be able to break free of the poverty that had dominated his life and will help him to make a better life for his grandmother too.

Nasri was one of our first Class 8 Primary kids to take the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. They all passed with flying colours. He was also one of the first to complete his secondary education - again with excellent marks in his KCSE,

Almost a year on, is now working at Happy House, assisting with computer lessons in school, whilst studying for higher education by distance learning.

Please watch the video as Nasri talks about Happy House and what it means to him and ask yourself if you could afford £20 a month to sponsor a child and to transform a life.

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