We now have a front door, very kindly purchased by Sue & Mick Meskell. Sue was the first person ever to arrange for a monthly standing order many years ago. Mick gave us the money for the front door 2 years ago. I am delighted to say it is now in place, waiting to be varnished and made even more beautiful.

The windows and doors or being put in in the office and dining room.

Here the concrete for a beam on the top of the building is being mixed in one of the upstairs bedroom, ready for the roof to be put on.

The concrete is put in a container and passed by hand from person to person up to the top.

The concrete being passed up the ladder by hand.

Look how high this man is working. He is putting a wooden mould in place to be filled with concrete.

The downstairs bedrooms are being plastered.

This is the rear of the building, there is still so much to do.

This is a side view, you can see the windows in the office and dining room. The man on top of the building putting the concrete in the mould ready for the roof.