Having a water supply is something that most of us can take for granted but in many parts of the world it is another story entirely.

 In Kenya, at our Happy House, the well we use to keep our greenhouse and garden plants watered has dried up over the years.

So in order to ensure we can get the need the crops we grow to give fresh fruit and vegetables to our large family of children, Mama Sue made the decision to have a borehole drilled. 

This will ensure we have a secure supply of water, but it comes at a cost - approximately £1000.

It's not money we wanted to spend but it is absolutely necessary now we no longer have the well.

We also have to build a another store for items that need need to be secure.

Everything comes at a cost, but keeping a family of almost 60 children happy, healthy and safe is an expensive business.

We are so grateful to all our friends who support our charity and who ensure the Happy House is the home it should be for our family. 

Thank you, we would be lost without you.