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Happy House School

Happy education, bright future…

Our school provides an exciting, vibrant and high-achieving learning environment from the school starting age right through to the end of primary school.  Our children they go on to the best local secondary education we can source for them.

At all levels we provide a happy, caring and friendly environment in which each individual pupil is given positive encouragement to be the best that he or she can be.

This is resulting in high achieving pupils gaining excellent results making the Happy House School one of the top schools in the county.

Our schools, pre-primary and primary are situated on a dedicated one acre site. We have a dedicated library, computer suite, science laboratory and art room.  Everything we has been provided through donations from those who generously support us. 

 The school is run on a non profit basis.

In line with other schools, in January 2018, we adopted the second phase of the required 2-6-3-3-3 system of education which places emphasis on the formative years of learning where learners spend a total of eight years - two in pre-primary and six in primary. 

 We provide our students with an ordered, bright and well-equipped environment where the emphasis is on inspiring children to learn and instilling in them self-belief and confidence.

We have a well-resourced library with an extensive selection of books, dvds etc. 

A dedicated computer suite, provided so generously by Mark and Amanda Barron, has internet access which gives pupils, under careful supervision,  and staff the access to a virtual wealth of knowledge and information. 

In the four-room study block, two of the study rooms house Smart televisions.  These add an extra dimension to learning, using the many resources available online to bring subjects to life in the classroom.

 A science laboratory, the only one of its kind in the area, enhances theoretical teaching with practical experiments and taking science off the pages of the text book and into the classroom. This was funded by Blackpool Soroptimists.

 Our class sizes are small to ensure that our caring and experienced teachers can give every student the individual attention he or she requires. We have a dedicated computer/ICT teacher.

Out of doors, there is an excellent play area and sports facilities available, we have a dedicated PE/sports teacher.

Happy House School has been developed  and is run by Sue Hayward and the charity she founded,  Children of Watamu.

It serves children in the care of Happy House, and youngsters from the local community.  Whatever their background, children are treated equally.

Our aim is to ensure that each of our students achieves his or her full potential.

Our school is run on a non profit basis which ensures that any surplus funds from school fees are used to improve and develop the project


The school is well ordered, and pupils well behaved. We positively encourage the speaking of English, good manners, respect for other peoples’ feelings and needs, a respect for property and an attitude of self-discipline and trust. We encourage and praise our children for what they do well in order to encourage positive self-esteem and growing self-confidence. Poor behaviour and attitudes are dealt with appropriately. Corporal punishment is not allowed under any circumstances.

Our school day:

All pupils start at 8am.  The pre-primary school finishes at 3.30pm, and the primary school ends at 4pm.

School meals: School meals are fresh from our kitchen with plenty of nutritious vegetables and fruit grown in our gardens. Mid-morning snacks are provided and differ every day.

Our curriculum:

The school follows the Kenya Curriculum of Education 2-6-3-3-3 system, plus additional subjects including computers and art.

All lessons are delivered by well-trained and enthusiastic teachers committed to teaching to the highest standards. Volunteers from around the world share their talents to assist in school, on occasions, opening a window on a wider world for our children. They do so under the direction of our head and deputy head and work alongside our teaching staff

We also help prepare our children for future life from upper primary onwards by teaching life skills including gardening, cookery, sewing etc 

Our catchment:

Pupils come in from Watamu and the surrounding area. Transport is available at additional cost.

Holiday club:

During school holidays, we hold holiday club with fun activities for children of all ages.  Among these are nature walks, gardening, cookery, computer games, football, sports, times tables, telling the time, swimming, reading and storytelling

Holiday club is run by our enthusiastic teachers an additional cost for the two weeks. This is a fun recreational club, not tuition. 

If you are considering bringing your child to Happy House School your child is welcome to join in Holiday Club, to experience the Happy House Magic.

Fees, Uniform, Transport 

Please contact the school office for details of school fees.

School uniform can be made and purchased at the Happy House.

Black shoes, black socks for boys and white socks for girls.

School transport is available at additional cost

We have a limited number of places remaining for new pupils.

For more information on our school, fees etc,  please contact: 


Telephone: 0713214372 or email the school secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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