Happy House Project

Working the Happy House magicThe Happy House has been a vision of mine for a long time, so when we opened the doors in February 2010 to the first children, it really was a dream come true. We desperately needed a place where children can live happily in safety, where they can grow and just be children. A place where they can go to sleep in a bed and wake up to a breakfast. Some people call children's homes Orphanages , but to us that conjures up pictures of a Charles Dickens novel, where cold, dirty frightened children huddle together. We never wanted this, ours is a real home for our children. If you stand outside you can hear laughter and singing, when you come inside you see happy healthy smiling faces.

Watamu and the surrounding areas now has a very high number of orphans, due to Aids, Malaria and many other diseases that these people have to contend with on a day to day basis. Numerous children are abandoned. Brothers and sisters try and care for each other. Some are not much older than the children they are caring for. Children have disappeared from the village. If a child anywhere in the world goes missing it is headline news. In Watamu a child goes missing,’ Well it was an orphan” Where have the kids gone? Where are these children? Are they still alive? We desperately needed a place where children can be safe and happy, where they can be loved and cared for, this we have achieved. In February 2011 we have 50 children their ages ranging from two weeks to 13 years. Next week we will be bringing a new baby home from Malindi Hospital who has been abandoned, I have called him David after my lovely husband.

The Happy House will thrive with caring, supportive staff and the backing of its sponsors, volunteers and trustees. Without it, these children would be destitute, finding scraps to eat in the bush and sleeping rough. They would have no home, no medicines and no education no future and the great possibility of – not surviving at all.

This project will provide a vital link for so many children, who will pass through its doors over the next 99 years and beyond. Children who will hold their heads high and be proud to say ‘I was a Happy House Kid.

We have built the Happy House with the help of so many, it has been furnished and equipped well, now we have to maintain it. Feed, clothe and educate our children. Pay the wages and utility bills.

Can you help us?

Can you organize something amongst your friends, family, colleques or school friends. Can you save these children from a life of destitution?

There are so many ways that you can Make a Difference.

The main one is by sponsoring one of our children Please set up a monthly standing order for £10 or £20 it will help us to make ends meet every month. Now the Happy House is up and running the monthly donation will then be used to provide the day to day needs of the children. 'Your' child will be introduced to you through pictures and email. Regular updates will be sent of the child that you are saving from a life of poverty and despair. You will see your child grow to be a Happy healthy confident individual. A donation might be a possibility. We also have aWish List where we have listed all items needed, from pampers to soap, toothpaste, socks and so much more that is needed for a family of 50 children.

A Kenyan friend of mine once said to me "Sue, help where you can and feel sorry where you can't" I don't want to feel sorry.

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