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The next step … taking the Happy House into the future

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What will happen when a child reaches 18? That is a question we are so often asked.

At 18, under Kenyan law, a young person can no longer remain in the care of children’s home. But our Happy House children are our family and, in some cases, Mama Sue and Papa Dave are the only Mama and Papa they have ever known.

Just as in any family, anywhere in the world, some of our youngsters will not be ready to leave home at 18.

No parent forces a child to leave home or be fully independent before they are ready, nor will we. These are my children in every sense of the word.

That is why we are embarking on a project to build semi-independent living accommodation.

This will be a halfway house for those who need a home whilst they finish their education. It will help the children to organise their own life whilst still being close to the Happy House Family. A stepping stone into the world whilst establishing themselves in the workplace or who need a home to return to during vacations from school college or university. Because of an extremely bad time in her childhood, one of our eldest children will be 23 by the time she finishes her schooling.

half way houseAt first we intended to build a complete new building, the cost would have been just too much. As I have looked at the Happy House there is room upstairs for us to renovate a banda area into 4 seperate units. The same as we have done for the 'Room for Another' project. Each unit will contain a bedroom for 6-8 young adults, a kitchen/ lounge area, & bathroom. Plus a small veranda.The rooms will need cooking equipment, furniture and furnishings.

Our first generation of Happy House children are growing up fast and we have to raise the money to complete our halfway house.

 With your help we know I we can do it.

Mama Sue is making a difference to children’s lives now, and in the future.

Can YOU?


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