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Hello from Baraka

Happy House kid Baraka Kaingu is bringing us all an update on his life in this video.  He's some so far since he joied our family.

Toddler time

Some of our Happy House children are related by blood but they are all, as we have said many times, bonded by love.  They regard each other as siblings whether they are or not. Lucky has two brot...
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Match ready Morphin

It's really good hear from Happy House kid Morphin that he's doing well at school.  He's also good at ball games and is in a school team that has made it's way through to an inter-schools fi...
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Beach busy

Today we join Happy House kid Edward who is on the beach visit with all his brothers and sisters from our family.  They are having fun playing football and relaxing while they wait to do their re...
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The writing is in the sand

Our Happy House children had a great time when they went to the beach after a busy week at school.  It was time just to chill out and have some fun.  They enjoyed writing messages in the san...
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Home pride

All our Happy House children take a pride in their home. It's not just the place where they live,they are a family of children who love each other and their surroundings, We encourage them to helo, if...
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Clear-up job

The heavy rains are causing some heavy work in the gardens at the Happy House. The mositure annd heat provide perfect growing conditions and weeds and bushes have shot up. Not only are they a nuisance...
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Brave boy Daudi

Accidents happen in every family, thankfully not too often. We have a casualty at the Happy House, young Daudi fell down the stairs and landed badly on his hand. :Luckily, Papa Dave was there to ...
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Poulet. pride

Happy House kid Chesco is really proud of the way the chickens they are rearing have frown from chicks to young birds. It's exciting for the children to have the role of looking after them at weekends...
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Madaraka Day

Saturday was Madaraka Day in Kenya and a public holiday. It is an annual celebration of the day in 1963 that Kenya attained internal self rule after being a British colony since 1920 While at Hap...
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Valet for Papa's car

Papa Dave never drives around in a grimy car, our Happy House kids make sure of that.  They like to valet Papa's car unntil it is clean and shining.  Yesterday, Harry, Abdul and Thomas got a...
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Being a social woker

Simon, a social worker, came to work alongside our Happy House social worker, Auntie Elina, four months ago.  In that time he has learnt a great deal abot what the work entails in practice and is...
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A walk on the dunes

A group of our Happy House girls were enjoying the prospeft of goinng for a trip out for a walk on the sand dunes.  They know that they must stay together and look after each other when they are ...
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A pressing job for Auntie Janet

Auntie Janet is one of the longest serving aunties we have working on our staff at the Happy House.  Today we join her in the laundry where she is busy ironing - and there's always plenty of...
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Brenda moves on

There's great joy at Happy House because Brenda, the youngest member of our family, is crawling. She's had lots of encouragement from all her brothers and sisters who always want to spend time with th...
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Nickson feels the beat

Happy House kid Nickson is enjoying music at school.  He's been learning to play a drum and is trying hard tobe good enough to pass his exam.

Exams, no problem!

Mwende is in secondary school and absolutely loves it! Along with the other older children in our Happy House family, she travels there each day.  They've just completed their second week back af...
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Sunday songbird

Ha[py House kid Elizabeth comes to greet you this May Sunday and wants to brighten yiur day with one of her favourite songs.

Ball boys

Happy House friends Lesly and Hussein are having a great time honing their basketball skills in this video. In their free time our children rarely sit about, preferring to be active and playing games....
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`Sew good

Meet Auntie Eunice our Happy House seamstress.  Auntie Eunice has her own workspace in the laundry where she is kept busy making school uniforms, clothing, soft furnishings and carrying out any r...
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