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"Sue was the love of my life" says Papa Dave

There is nobody who feels the depth of loss at the passing our Happy House Mama Sue more than her devoted husband, Dave. She called him her "rock".  With great courage and dignity he ha...
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Mourning Mama

The sadness felt by Papa Dave and all our Happy House family at the sudden passing of our incredible Mama Sue is shared with people around the world. Some had the pleasure of meeting and knowing ...
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Tributes pour in

Messages of sympathy have been pouring in from around the world from friends who are devastated at the news of our Mama Sue's sudden death. They are all people whose lives have been touched by Sue's w...
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Tragic news of our beloved Mama Sue

It is with immense sadness and in shock that we break the tragic news of the death of Sue Hayward, founder of Children of Watamu charity and beloved Mama Sue to all the family at her Happy House. Sue ...
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Happy House graduates

From pre-primary to primary school is a big step in any child's life. At Happy House, as in many other schools in Kenya, we make it their big day with a graduation ceremony.  This year the gradua...
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Closing Day prayers

School closing day and graduation signified the end of a difficult and disruptive 16 months for pupils, staff and management at Happy House School.  The pandemic has brought many challenges and t...
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Zoom improved my learning

Happy House kid Morphin has found lessons via Zoom an absolute asset to his learning. It has captured his imagination, made lessons with more videos and visual aids more interesting and as a result he...
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Refresher in first aid

Mama has been refreshing the first aid knowledge of staff and older kids at Happy House. She has talked them through the items contained in the first aid kit and their uses and reminded them of the fi...
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Musical fun at Happy House

Children and staff are having some musical fun at home at Happy House in this cheerful video - perfect to put a smile on your face!

Happy House is like home

Nasri was one of our first scholarship students - a boy who came from a home where he lived, in extreme hardship, with his grandmother.  After finishing primary and secondary school he is now stu...
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Makuti men fix roofing

Keeping on top of maintenance of of makuti roofing is very important.  The heavy rains will always show up any weaknesses in the thatching made locally from palms . In this video, presented by Mu...
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Learning carpentry

Brian who, like Oscar, finished his primary education recently has been working with Uncle Charo the Happy House carpenter while he waits to start secondary school. In the time that he has been with U...
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Keeping the taps running

Servicing equipment regularly and doing any repairs necessary is vital to the smooth running of any home.  And that's exactly what we do at Happy House where our family is much larger than most! ...
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We can't always win

Learning to lose graciously is one of the toughest lessons of childhood. With our Happy House kids all supporting England in the Euro final, there were some long faces at assembly yesterday. But Mama ...
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Healthy crops

In this video we join Steve in the children's garden at Happy House. He is giving us an update on the pumpkin seeds they sowed.  The kids love the pumpkin soup and they are doing their best to gr...
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Good luck, England

The family at the Happy House are getting behind the England team for today's Euros final clash with Italy at Wembley.  We have wonderful friends and sponsors in both countries but the kids gravi...
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Clean sweep

With the little ones given a homework assignment to make brooms from natural materials, they needed a helping hand.  So the children were split into small groups with one of the lder kids at Happ...
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Oscar in the kitchen

Oscar is learning a lot while waiting to start secondary school in July.  He recently finished his primary education, and while he waits for the time to come so that he can join secondary school,...
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A lesson with Jacinta

Meet Jacinta who is taking a lesson with some of her young brothers and sisters at Happy house.  Very soon they are going to take their end of term exams which they are all looking forward to. Sh...
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Confident Diana

Our children at Happy house are encouraged to speak up for themselves. This helps to build confidence which will always be with them as they steer their way through life. Here Diana talks to the other...
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