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Rose pops in

It's lovely to see that Rose Safari has popped back to Happy House for another visit.  All our Happy House kids are told "Once a Happy House kid, always a Happy House kid" wherever life may ...
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Together as a framily

There''s lots of fun for everyone at Happy House.  School holidays are a time to chill and be together and while some of the children are on home visits those staying with us are having a great t...
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Homeward bound

Priscilla is another of our Happy House chilfdren who is homeward bound for a visit.  Her grandmother travelled to collect her for the journey back to their homestead where Priscilla will spend a...
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Home visit for Dulla and Rehema

Happy House kids Dulla and Rehema are excited to leave on a home visit to amily.  Where it is possible to maintain contact with relatives of the children in our care we always do s...
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School holidays but still work for some

Happy House School celebrated the end of term with a traditional closimg ceremony to showcase the talent of students.  But while most will be relaxing some young people will also be working hard ...
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Birthday surprsie for Papa

There was a lovely birthday surprise fo our Happy House Papa Dave from our key members of staff who are also loyal friends. They wanted to make sure his day did'nt go uncelebrated.

News from Happy House

It's almost a week since Easter but Papa Dave is hoping that you all had a cracking times jiust like our family at the Happy House.  Our wonderful friends from yoga not-for-prifit, My Little Zen,...
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It's coming up to a wek since Easter now but Papa Dave is hping you all had as good a time as our Happy Huse family. The children were treated to a fantastic party on the beach by our great friends fr...
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Coffee time for our Lucky

Happy House kid Lucky is fortunate indeed to have a whole group of Lancashire "aunties".  Members of Garstang and Over Wyre Inner Wheel have been sponsoring Lucky since 2015 and absolutely love t...
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Happy birthday, dear Papa Dave

Today is Papa Dave's birthday and your friends, around the world, join to wish you a very happy day. Thank you for all you do for our amazing family at the Happy House and for keeping the light c...
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Pitch perfect

AdGreen or orange?  Two Happy House teams went head t head on the soccer pitch. Find out who won.d your text here

Brushing up the banda

Uncle Charo, our Happy House joiner, keeps on top of any repairs that are needed. Here he is workinng onn the large banda.

Easter fun

Happy House family was so thrilled to be joined by Hayley Holuj and friends . Hayley co-founded at not for profit organisation, My Little Zen, which provides yoga classes to children in Dubai with pro...
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Open and shut case

The front doors to Happy House are being refurbed so that any visitors can make a grand entrance!  Johnny, who is now living in our halfway house, Hatch House, whilst finishing his college studie...
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Counting our blessings

Easter is a time to count our blessings and at Happy House we are lucky to have so many.  After starting the year under a cloud because we we forced to replace th rood on our children's home we'v...
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Easter fun

Our dedicated and wonderful administrator, Auntie Rose, took time away from the office to play  with twins Patience and Precious and the other  children..  Rose says all the c...
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Somethig to smile about

He's not yet singing in the rain but a good downpour has made Uncle Tevin a happy man.  He is delighted that it's come just when needed to water the thirsty plants n our Happy House vegetabl...
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Welcome break

Students in Kenya have a two day bank holiday break for Easter and break up for their spring holiday on April 4.. It's been a long term and Husna, for one, is looking foward to some time to chill...
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Parents' morning

Parents and guardians of  some of our students at Happy House School attended a clinic morning this week to find out howtheir children are progressing. They were also able to discuss how the...
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