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Guess who is coming to town?

There was a big welcome for a special guest when he came to call on our family . And this song, sung beautifully by some of our Happy House girls, will give you a clue to his identity!

A Happy House Christmas

Christmas was a busy one for Mama Sue, Papa Dave and their willing team of young helpers.  Mama and Papa were hosting the party day for their family of Happy House kids at their home. And th...
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Putting on the Christmas style

Our girls at Happy House will be looking their very best on Christmas Day after a trip out to have their hair braided.  It's a treat to have their braiding done for them, they usually do each oth...
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Sad news from "Radio" Watamu

An end of term assembly at Happy House School, and a final broadcast of the year from Radio Watamu - our own Papa Dave! Mama Sue asked the children to treat him gently as he relayed the weekend's socc...
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In the hearts of Happy House

Christmas Day dawns to the great excitement of our children at Happy House. They will be celebrating as a family, with one or two of our good friends who are visiting Watamu, at Mama and Papa's home. ...
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Season's greetings

Four very happy kids from Happy House  are hoping to bring you a smile with their Christmas greetings. Brian, Fahima, Joyce and Natasha will be celebrating with Mama Sue, Papa Dave and all our ve...
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Yuletide rock

Our kids at Happy House  will be rocking around the Christmas tree this year!  Some of them will be dancing to rock'n' roll favourites at their Christmas party and show. Here we see a few mo...
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Here we come a carolling

Today it is the turn of Mwende and the Happy House girls' choir who are letting us have a glimpse of the songs they are practising for Christmas day. All the children at Happy House will hav...
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Wishing you a merry Christmas

Some of the older members of our family are today wishing you a merry Christmas in song.  Jacinta introduces the video which was filmed at their rehearsals for their Christmas show.

A festive twist

Our kids at Happy House are saving lots of fun rehearsing their entertainment for Christmas. Putting on a show is a highlight of our festivities which, this year, Mama and Papa are making extra specia...
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Christmas splendour

Children at the Happy House have been making lovely mobiles to decorate for Christmas.  With Janet supervising, the children have been working hard to make wonderful and colourful creations ...
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A trip to the dentistjavascript:void(0);

Husna is feeling much better after a trip to the dentist. When she told Mama she was in pain with a tooth, a trip was arranged straight away. The dentist removed the tooth, which was growing where it ...
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Mama and Papa turn the tables

Class Four, Mama noticed from exam results, have fallen behind with their times tables.  She and Papa insist children in Happy House have a good grounding in maths and mental arithmetic and see m...
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Creative for Christmas

Nothing goes to waste in Kenya. And using imagination to repurpose something that would be thrown away comes as second nature. We have large bandas to decorate for our Happy House family Christmas and...
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Let them shine ...

Another glimpse of preparations for Christmas with the song and dance troupe being coached by Rukia.  These little ones are having a great time and what shining stars they are! 

Jolly good show!

Super-dancer John is now turning his hand at choreography as he rehearses some of the younger boys in a dance for Christmas.  It is, indeed, the season to be jolly. 

Christmas helper

Today, Florence presents our video giving us a little hint of what the children are doing to get ready at Happy House.  As one of the older children she is very much involved in helping the young...
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Join us as we get ready for a Happy House Christmas

With Christmas just two weeks away, the excitement is building at Happy House.  Mama and Papa are planning to make it as special as it can be by hosting a party for all the children by having a p...
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Soccer head to head

More football talk today from two of our Happy House football fans,Priscilla and Vidzo. There's a North-South divide between the two girls with Priscilla supporting Manchester United while Vidzo is a ...
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Rooting for the Gunners

Happy House kid Diana had her fingers crossed for Arsenal when they met Tottenham for a Premier League London Derby on Sunday. Diana, 13, is a huge fan of Arsenal and knows a thing or two about them,&...
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