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Party project

It's a big day for two very special members of our Happy House family next weekend.  Mama Sue and the kids are putting on a birthday party to celebrate the birthdays of our beloved Papa Dave and ...
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A special Happy House Auntie

Auntie Janet has become a valued member of our family at the Happy House since joining our staff in eight years ago. Our staff are all "Aunties:" or "Uncles" to our children and Auntie Janet is respon...
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Holiday timetable

Happy House School has broken up for Easter - for a seven week holiday! With the children only back in school a short time, after an interruption of months because of the pandemic, Mama Sue is keen fo...
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Happy House players get new colours from Dubai Irish

Our Happy House kids are over the moon to have a new football strip. It's been very kindly donated by Dubai Irish FC.  Tony Christian, who originally comes from Ormskirk and has worked in constru...
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Final five

The last of our Happy House birthday "Meet the kids" videos today. How special it's been to see our lovely family of children and to see how happy they are. The final five are some of the older member...
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On the ball

A netball match figured in the programme of activities for Happy House birthday sports day.  Here to tell us about, as they get ready to play, is Happy House kid Florence

Hello from Happy House

We really hope you are enjoying our 11th birthday videos from Happy House.  Today, 14 youngsters come to say hello!  They are Priscilla, Brian Hayward, Diana, Tumaini, Fahima, Khaled, Mwende...
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Table tennis anyone?

A table tennis tournament was a big hit with the kids when Happy House celebrated its 11th birthday with a sports day. Teacher, Mdm Rita, tells us more.

Fab four

Lucky, his older brother Eric, Baraka Kaingu and Morphin are the fab four talking to us from Happy House, Each ones gives us a little bit of a glimpse into their life - pretty much absorbed by school ...
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Birthday boys

We can be certain the Happy House has just turned 11. But like many children, who want to be older than they are, some of this group have added the odd year or so when asked "How old are you?" Indeed ...
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Welcoming the challenge

Class 8 student, Jacinta, is confident and ready for the challenge of her KCPE exams taking place this week. Bright and full of hope she, and fellow Class 8 students, are seizing the opportunity the e...
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Determination wins the day

The day after our Happy House birthday sports, it was back to the hard work ofr our children in school.  And Mama Sue was there first thing to check out how much they had enjoyed their special da...
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Love and kindness at Happy House

In this lovely video, four children in the care of Happy House tell us a little bit about themselves. Samira, a newer member of our family, speaks of the love and kindness she has found in this specia...
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Tug 'o'war

A tug 'o' war which pitted the strength of kids versus adults was the highlight of the birthday sports day at Happy House. In this contest it's staff against some of our older boys and crowd of specta...
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Happy House happiness

Today, we meet Fahima who is telling us about herself and how she feels about living and learning at Happy House. Like all the children in our care she is happy and really appreciates what is being do...
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A family within a family

Today, it is the turn of Erick, Lucky and Thomas to tell you about our Happy House.  The three brothers who are a family within our much larger Happy House family. They were such unhappy, neglect...
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Acrobats in action

A few years ago Mama Sue invited a team of local acrobats to put on a show for the Happy House kids for one of our birthday celebrations. The kids were astounded by the towers and tumbling of the athl...
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Love and laughter at Happy House

The Happy House is always full of love and laughter,  Today, Esther, Thomas, Joyce, David Hayward, Neema, Abdul and Nickson tell you about themselves - assisted by Evans who recorded the video,&n...
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Happy House birthday for 400 guests!

Make that chicken pilau for 400, please!  Happy House Children's Home celebrated its 11th birthday on Wednesday which just happened to be a school day.  So Mama Sue decided to bring tog...
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Happy House smiles

Five of our our Happy House girls have fun saying hello to you today.  The teenagers are a giggly group but all work hard in school, help in the family when they are at home and who enjoy every d...
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