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Yoga is good

Since the wonderful My Little Zen introduced yoga to our Happy House family, our children have become keen converts. They understand how it benefits both mind and body and look forward to their w...
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High school challenges

Purity is a bright and intelligent young woman who has settled in well into her first term in high school. It's very different from being at Happy House Schhool with many more students and many more s...
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Banda repairs

Completly replacing our Happy House roof has come at an enormous and worrying expense, but we had no option other than to get on with it and hope that the £8,600 it cost could be raised.  We are ...
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Fun time

After a busy week at school, Happy House kid Abdul is enjoying the weekend. It's a chance to play out and he's having fun twirling the younger children around on the roundabout!

Half way there

Today, Papa Dave says a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to our Happy House Safe and Sound Appeal which aims to raise £8,600 to replace our Happy House roof. We are now half awy to our targe...
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A mother's mission of love

Happy House was very touched to welcome, Beatrice, a Rotarian from Nairobi who made an emotional journey to Watamu following the death of her daughter, Victoria, in January. Victoria had loved Watamu ...
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Phil's final day

The Happy House family was sad this week to say goodbye to our good friend Phil Marshall. Phil was heading back to Yorkshire after a four week stay in Watamu.  A trustee of our charity, he combin...
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Basketball is the best

All our Happy House kids enjoy ball games, but for Diana basketball is the best.  She plays at her high school, and has her sights set on being top of her game.

Mwende's career choice

Mwende has always been a caring girl. She joined our family in 2010 when she was just a toddler and she has always been kind to all her sisters and brothers. Now, in her penultimate year of secondary ...
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Magic of manure

Happy House gardener Unlce Tevin is in his element now he has a delivery of well rotted manure. Growing crops all yea round can exhaust the soil and he's looking forward to enriching it with the manur...
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Phil's tidy-up team

We would like to be perfect, but at Happy House we are a family and that makes perfection improbable!  With 50+ children, from toddlers to teens, in our care it's hard to keep everything tidy all...
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Science of the soil

Happy House kid Edward takes us into his class garden at school to show us where the latest crops are growing. The students sowed water melon seeds last term which are now bearing fruit after some car...
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Role models

It's lunchbreak at Happy House School, and three of our boys are keen to greet you. Morphin ,Saidi and Brian see themselves as role models to the younger ones which shows they have a good sense of res...
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Hard work paying off

Happy House kid Morphin knows that only hard work will bring good results.  And in his start of term exam he has attained the improved position of being number eight in class.  Morphin had h...
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Enthusiastic volunteers find students keen

Volunteers George Mann and Kieran Sparkes are now in the third of five weeks with our family at Happy House.  And they are thoroughly enjoying assisting with lessons in our school in their specia...
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Florences races ahead

Florence likes hairdressing and barbering and has plenty of heads on which to practice her skills. at Happy House.  This weekend trustee Phil Marshall piut his head in her capable hands and ...
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Operation clean up!

At Happy House we do our absolute best to keep everywhere looking spick and span. But, inevitably, with 50+ children in the family and winds that can blow all sorts in, we do get some rubbish aro...
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Our Harry has ambition

Happy House kid, Harry, has ambition. Now he is in Grade 7 in our school he has his eyes of being a success. He  says he will work hard totwards getting the best position he can in his class as w...
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Remedial update

Whilst still celebrating the success of our Happy House School candidates in the 2023 national examinations, eyes are now firmly fixed on the new academic year.  Three weeks in, and head teacher ...
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Roof almost complete but we still have to pay!

As we reach the end of week tw0 of our Happy House Safe and Spound Appeal we have raised almost £2000 of our £8,600 target.  That's a good result so far but we are still a long way from meeting t...
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