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Celebrating success

After most of the academic year out of class because of the pandemic, many children returning to Happy House School needed help catching up. Unlike those living in the care of our children's home, who...
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Announcing results

Exams last week - results this! It was to a gathering of very excited children that Mama Sue has the important task of announcing results at Happy House School. Mama and the teachers talk to each indi...
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Start the week with a smile

The week always starts with smiles and laughter at Happy House School.  Mama Sue and Papa Dave lead the Monday assembly encouraging and inspiring the whole school family. And the humour they shar...
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Tropical treat

Praise for doing well is a huge boost to a youngster's confidence. Like many of the children in our family, Gift had little schooling before he came into the care of our Happy House. He tries hard and...
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Exam in progress

Today, we join a class at Happy House School during an exam.  The youngsters in Standard 7 are sitting a Swahili paper having earlier completed their social studies exam. Florence tells us more.

Fit for exams

Students at Happy House School have just had the latest round of examinations. Exams feature regularly on the Kenya curriculum and we like to make sure that our youngsters at bright, alert, prepared a...
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Only a small glimpse of Happy House

New teachers were given just a small glimpse of the extraordinary individuals that make up Happy House. Teacher, Md Naomi, spoke at the end of the event aimed to introduce new teachers to our very spe...
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We come from different destinations, but we are family

The very heart of the Happy House was opened to teachers when they spent a morning at home with our family. Mama Sue wanted to give them to understand the the foundations on which she created this ver...
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Confidence to aim for goals

Happy House kid Morphin would like to be a football player when he grows up. And having confidence will, he knows, be key in helping him achieve his goal and to score goals too! Addressing a gathering...
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Making decisions by Husna

Our children at Happy House have a wonderful role model in their own Mama Sue . It is thanks to her determination, drive and dedication that the Happy House became a reality and gives them a wonderful...
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All he needed was friends - and a pair of socks!

A lovely German couple holidaying in Watamu, came across a young boy on the beach.  Every evening Elke and Ruediger saw Emmanuel collecting plastic bottles which would be sold to recyclers to hel...
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From computers to songs of praise

It was thanks to Mama Sue, founder of Children of Watamu charity , that Christone Ruwa discovered an interest in computer science,Forward thinking Sue was responsible for raising funds and installing ...
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Happy House has taught me so much

Rukia spent most of her life in the Happy House family.  She was just a little girl when she came to us and it is has been a joy to follow her progress.  Now in secondary school, she acknowl...
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Growing up as individuals and with good manners

Growing up in a family of 53 children could make it difficult for a child to be heard or to express themselves. But at Happy House, each child is treated as an individual and actively encouraged to ex...
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Eye-opening event for teachers at Happy House

In a special weekend event, teachers from Happy house School were invited home to Happy House by Mama Sue and the family. The aim was to show the teachers who have recently joined our staff how the th...
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Music brings joy

Meet Husna and the other Happy House room captains bring us an update on he radios that the children received as a Christmas present. Each room has it's own speaker and USB stick on which to download ...
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Agile acrobats

We have some enthusiastic young acrobats among our children at the Happy House.  They like to perform feats of balance and agility that illustrate their motor coordination skills and their abilit...
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Backing Arsenal

Meet Happy House kids Diana, Fahima and Saidi.  They all support the Arsenal football squad and with their team struggling the kids like to think their encouragement will help fire them on!

Happy House has taught me many things

Happy House has been home to Greg since was seven-years-old. He's now 10. He'd been living with his grandmother who was defeated by her own circumstances and sought the help she needed to give her lit...
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Fruits from the tree

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables straight from the garden helps to keep our children healthy at Happy House .  And we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy fresh coconuts. The flesh and the milk ...
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