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Thank you from Happy House

 Lucky speaks for all our children living at Happy House when he says thank you to Mama Sue for all she does for the kids in our care. They really do know how fortunate they are to have all the o...
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Raising crops at Happy House

Join Uncle Julius, one of our outdoor staff at Happy House, in the garden.  He is checking on the small plots allocated to individual children who wanted to grow their own small crop. They prepar...
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Sports view with Papa

Football is a passion for every child at Happy House whether they are playing or watching the game. And some of the younger children have been learning a bit more about it from Papa Dave who joined th...
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Computer quiz

Our Happy House kids had their computer skills put to the test at the weekend.  They took part in a quiz which aimed to challenge their minds and to assess their individual knowledge as Mr Nasri ...
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Lesson time

Today, we are joining classes one and two  as they prepare to start a lesson with Madam Naomi. The children are being home schooled at Happy House so Madam Naomi, their teacher,  is in schoo...
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Sausages and lollipops!

It is such a pleasure for sponsors to see their child doing well in school . Morphin, one of Auntie Libby's sponsor children, has done so well this term he has come second in his class in the exam res...
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Fledgling Janet's new nest

The eldest of our Happy House children, Janet, has flown the nest and has a little studio of her own not far away. It's within a few minutes walking distance, which is ideal as she will be working for...
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Garden gang

We have some real "professional" young gardeners at Happy House. Mama Sue gave them their own garden where they could grow food for our kitchen and they are showing themselves to be taking it very ser...
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A very happy Mama

How lovely to see our Mama Sue looking so happy. And why? Because she's a Mama whose kids are doing her proud. Home schooling has brought them on in leaps and bounds. As Mama Sue looked for ways of ed...
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A song for Sunday

Another Song on Sunday from some of our children at Happy House. Bringing you music which comes right from their hearts are: Greg,Brian, Morphin, Dulla, Khalid, Tumaini, Gift, Baraka Francis, Erick, H...
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Making the laundry a little easier

Rain is always welcome at Happy House - we need the water to get our garden growing. But the amount of rain we have been getting recently has been a nightmare for our aunties who do the laundry. Even ...
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Flying the nest

This is a a very exciting time for Janet. The eldest in our Happy House family, Janet has been working at Happy House since she finished school last year. She and her two brothers, Evans and Oscar, we...
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Best friends Florence and Fahima

Best friends Florence and Fahima love being Happy House kids.The tragic circumstances that led to them coming into our care are behind them now, as they live their lives as happy, healthy and aspirati...
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For the next few Sundays songs from our children at the Happy House

For the next few Sundays we will be bringing you, with our love, songs from our children at the Happy House.As our regular blog followers will know our children love to sing.Singers featured here are:...
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Thanks from Mama

You, our loyal and loving Happy House friends, are wonderfully kind to our family.You make it possible for our children to have lovely clothes and shoes, the best possible care and...
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Photography expedition

Mama and Papa are doing all they can to broaden the horizons of the children who have not been outside the Happy House grounds since lockdown began in March.In the last...
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Sharing knowledge

Christone, Mr Chris to our Happy House students, has been teaching some of our older children and teachers how to use video communications app Zoom.Evans who made the video is one...
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Our New Website thanks Chris & Christone

Many thanks to Chris Franklin & our web master Christone Ruwa we now have a brand new website with many new features. We will be putting on new features every week. Please feed back your comm...
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Rotary Club of South Ribble, Lancashire

Rotary Club of South Ribble, Lancashire, England, UKRotary worldwide has 1.2million members and is present in over 200 countries. Most towns and cities throughout the world will have at leas...
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Teaching and learning

 Yesterday, our blog was about Nasri and how Happy House has changed his life.Today we hear from Michael who is also achieving in life because Happy House gave him a chance....
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