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Happy House baby class

Starting school is such a huge milestone in a child's life and Happy House our little ones settle in in no time.  Caring teachers and a busy environment. with lots of play focused activities, ens...
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Learning about water

Water is one of our planet's most precious resources and in Kenya, as in the whole of Africa, it is never wasted.  Here, we join our Pre Primary Class 1 at Happy House School and their teacher, M...
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Making the grade

Grade 3 Primary at Happy House School are enjoying getting ready for their next exams. In this video, teacher Madam Esther explains how they are now focusing on the upcoming exams - a regular feature ...
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Time for learning

Time is the subject of a lesson at Happy House School with maths teacher, Madam Mercy.  Grade 1 Primary students are learning about time using resources available in their text books but also wit...
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Exam preparation at Happy House

A teacher in Happy House School, Mr Dan, is featured in this video telling how he and other teachers are meeting with Grade 6 students to help ensure they are prepared for exams in two weeks time.&nbs...
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Song of praise

Some of our Happy House School primary children sang a wonderful song of praise at the annual Celebration of Life.  They sing with great enthusiasm and energy, perfect for the occasion.

What is a mother?

A true mother is not always the woman who gave birth to a child but the woman who has nurtured a child and been its guiding light.  This was the view expressed by teacher Mr Ongwete at the annual...
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Happy House Papa had "the best mother"

Our Happy House Papa knows just what it's like to grow up, like our family of children, with lots of brothers and sisters.  He was one of 11 children raised in poverty in Yorkshire, His father, w...
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A song to celebrate

Meet Nasri and Janet who are giving us a song at the Happy House Celebration of Life.  They schooled together at Happy House, they are working together in our school and today they are singing to...
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Endings and new beginnings

As one life ends, another begins. That is the Circle of Life. And as our family at Happy House held its annual Celebration of Life, which honours the lives of those loved ones lost, two birthdays illu...
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A Celebration of Life

An annual celebration of life is held every May at the Happy House to coincide with the anniversary of the death of the most influential man in Mama Sue's life - her father.  It was the death of ...
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Birthday bonanza

There was a birthday bonanza at Happy House with six children celebrating their special day in one week. There were gifts for each of the children - Elizabeth, who was five, Daudi 11, Saidi, 10, Husna...
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Help guaranteed

Anyone who follows our daily blog from Happy House will know how much our children like helping out.  They like to keep their lovely home as need as a new pin. As they were on school holiday...
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Exams start the term

Back to school a couple of days and pupils at Happy House School were taking exams.  This is the way of the Kenya curriculum where exams are a regular feature of school life. Here we join a ...
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Collecting firewood

When a tree needed felling in the grounds of Happy House School we knew just what to do with the wood. It would be just what we need to fuel the wood burning oven in our outside kitchen at home. ...
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Positive role model for nursery on!

Mama Sue has everyone in Happy House School, staff and children, thinking positively. She has spent a great deal of time making sure they are ready for the term that has just started and that they hav...
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A donation of stores

In her update this week, Mama Sue talked about out store room being low on stocks and about the kindness of those who have sent donations to help with this and in so many other ways. Here, she is in t...
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Lovinne, Anne and Michael - Happy House success stories

How special it is to be a part of charity that is making such a difference to the lives of so many young people in Kenya. Kids, who could have ended up on the scrapheap of life, without education or h...
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A Happy House update from Mama Sue

Ensuring we have the essentials we need, when we need them, for the children living in our family at Happy House has been a constant balancing act for Mama Sue and her staff.  And it has taken it...
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Singing in the rain!

When it rains in Kenya it pours! Even a short shower can leave you wet through, so umbrellas or raincoats are high on our Happy House wish list this time of year - the rainy season. Angela Lewis, one ...
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