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Early start

Fresh as daisies, Grade 5 at Happy House School are busy doing some early morning maths revison with their teacher Madam Lucy.

A team player

Our Happy House joiner, Uncle Charo, real;ly enjoys working with us.  He's a brilliant carpenter but if there are times when he doesn't have too much work on he will work with another department ...
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We will do our best

Children In Happy house School are always striving to do their best. Saidi is one of them.  This is an important term for the children but they all understand that hard work brings good results.

More subjects added

The workload is growing for students in the Junior Secondary section of Happy House School. More subjects have been added to the curriculum so they have even more to learn.  Morphin, who is schoo...
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Our Eric

Happy House Eric is a lovely boy. He's growing up fast and ha as lots of friends.  Here he brings us a quick update on himself.

Banging the drum

In Happy House School we are lucky to have a variety of musical instruments in iur library - all of which have been generously donated.  Two of our children, Abdulmalik and Chesco, join us after ...
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Container gardening

The curriculum for Grade 4 students at Happy House School includes the useful skill of gardening. And teacher, Madam Millicent, has been in our school grounds with learners instructing them on making ...
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House warming gifts

There were house warming presents for John, Tumaini and Gift from Hayley Holju, who co-founded not for profit yoga initiative with Lewis Hall. Hayley, from Manchrester, and Lewis, from Blackpool, are ...
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Hatch House opening

Hatch House, the first phase our Happy House Halfway House, was officially opened when our wonderful administrator, Auntie Rose, cut the ribbon!  Much to the delight of the children, Papa Dave le...
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Moving on and time to party

Three young people who have been in longterm care of our Happy House are moving on and that, we thought, called for a party. All, who have reached 18 or more, can no longer live with ou...
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All doing fine

Mr Dan, head teacher at Happy House School, is forecasting a fine outlook for our children.  While weather forecasters are predicting a sharp rise in already hot temerpatures with an el nino, Mr ...
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Knit one, purl one

We are nattering about knitting on the blog today.  Students in Grade 6 at Happy House School are learning to knit as one of their home science lessons with Madam Lucy. It's a;ll about discoverin...
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Reflecting on reflection

We are outside in Happy house School grounds in this video where we join reacher Madam Miillicent who is about to illustrate a lesson on relfection of light to Grade Six.

Teachers talking

Today two of our newer teachers at Happy House talk about working there.

Will's done a runner!

Taking on a 13.1mile run in blistering heat is no easy task, but Will Gordon's rigorous training paid off when he joined thousands of others taking part in the Great North Run.. Will, who lives in Tho...
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Changing matters

Grade 5 students at Happy House Schoolmhave been learning about changing states of matter ion in a science lesson with Madam Naomi.  Using household items, she hjas conducted experients to illust...
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Learning Mandarin

Learning Mandarin is popular with our Happy House students. Papa Dave and our management team decided that with the massive Chinese investment  going on in Kenya adding Mandarin as...
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Mama's Garden

The inspirational founder of our Happy House and Mama to our family l;ives on in our memorries every day.  Mama Sue may no longer be there with us but her spirit ia at our heart, a driving force,...
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Checking on the chickens

Happy House kids enjoy having some livestock to help look after.  When they are off school they want to be involved in helping our outdoor staff to care for our goats and chickens. In thisi ...
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Activity and action

Now in the final term of the year, Happy House School has an action packed programme of activities. Mr Dan, our headteacher, is optimistic that the term, although short, will be both enjoyabke an...
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