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Lerning to cook

Learning to cook ison eof life's most important skills. At Hapy House we encourage children to help in the kitchen and cookery is also a subject on the school. Her Thoimas and some of his friends are ...
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All is well

All is well for Mwende at home and at school.  Mwende, who has been in the care of our Happy House since she was a very young child, is an asset to our family.  She is always eager to help w...
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One week down

Now in her second week of the new term and Happy House kid, Diana, wants to tell you what it been like to go back after a lovely break.

Helping our David

David came into our care at Happy House as a newborn.  He'd been left in hospital by his mother who had so many complex problems she had no hope of being able to look after him. She died a s...
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In the swim

Our Happy House kids had an extra special treat when they went swimming in a local pool.  They love going to the beach, but having a chance to swim in a pool is specially exciting. Mermaid Diana ...
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Thank you

Mwende is very aware that her life would have been very different had the Happy House not been there.  She has grown up in our family and is a confident and capable young woman.. In this video sh...
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John's big goal

John was one of our first Happy House children way back when we opened in 2011. Now, speaking on the day before returning to his final term of secondary school, he tells of important exams ahead. ...
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A chance to prepare

Our older Happy House kids who are at high school had a quiet day off to prepare for the start of the new term. The younger ones went back to school a day earlier, giving their big brothers and sister...
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On the ball

Abdulmalik had loads of fun during the school holidays. He made the most of the last of his break by being outside in our Happy House grounds playing footbvall with his pals. The kids are never bored ...
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Homework done

With the start of a new term beckoning, our older Happy House kids were busy completing the assignments they'd been given before they broke up. Here is Mwende hard at work alongside one of her Happy H...
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The holidays

Today, our Happy House Husna is here to tell you about the school holidays.  Now they are going back in school they can look back on two weeks together in whi ch tehy have made more happy memorie...
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Ready for school

Happy House kids in Grade 7 of our junior secondary school chose to go into school a few days before the start of the new term.  They wanted to brush up on some areas of their studies and had a g...
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Home visit

Happy House kid Saidi has been able to spend some time during his holidays on a visit to relatives at their home. By maintaining strong contacts with families, where we are able to, we ensure that rel...
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Cleaning up

Rehema and Diana are pleased to be off school and happy to have time at home at Happy House to help with the chores.  The children like assisting our house aunties and uncles and in this video th...
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Greens for growth

Today we join Morphin in the kitchen with an enormous pile of greens! Morphin has brough the fresh leaves straight from the garden, where he's picked them, to the kitchen to prepare for cooking. We ha...
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Washing walls

A plain white wall presents a perfect canvas to a young child.  Try as you may to keep the crayons away, they always find a way to practice their art!  And Happy House is no different from a...
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Shoe shuffle

With almost 60 children in our family preparing for the sart of a new term starts happening as soon as the old one ends!  At Happy house our social worker, Auntie Elina, has gathered all the chil...
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Keeping you in touch

The children at Happy House have had a busy week of their holidays.  As Mwende says they really enjoy the activities they have on their programme and also enjoy sharing them with you via our blog...
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Garden gang

We have a great gang of young gardeners at Happy House. They take a real pride in their plots but also in the grounds of their home as a whole.  Here Hussein is busy tidying up.

Cooking lunch

Brian Hayward loves his food - eating it and cooking it. He's in the Happy House kitchen helping to prepare lunch for his brothers and sisters which he says will be delicious.

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