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Holiday fun

With two months off school, there's never a dull moment at Happy House. Teachers help support our house staff so that there is a programme of activities for our children, of all ages, to enjoy.  ...
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Back from the beach

Having had a lovely time on the beach, the Happy House kids are getting themselves washed down ready to continue their day. Chesco tells us they've had fun and now they are on holiday they are doing f...
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Change of luck

He doesn't tell us what got him there but our Happy House Lucky has been on Papa Dave's naughty list. But now he's changed his ways and and he's delighted to back in Papa's good books! Good ...
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Mandarin magic

The Happy House children in junior secondary school embrace the chance to learn new languages.  And the introduction of Mandarin to our curriculum is proving really popular. With so much Chinese ...
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Precious steps

Our older children at Happy House are wonderful sisters and brothers to the younger ones.  They may not be related by blood but, brought together by our family, they are bonded by love. Having ba...
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It's raining veg!

More rain than usual is bringing us an abundance of vegetables at Happy House. And that means plenty to feed our family of hungry children. It also means a lot more weeds for outdoor staff to clear, l...
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Chapti chefs

Happy House kid Edward enjoys being in the kitchen helping to cook.  For cook Uncle Michael many hand make light work and having the children around to give him a hand is a bonus for hi...
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Songbird Husna

Music brings joy to our Happy House songbird Husna.  Today she has a special song for you.

Bon voyge

At Happy House we are always sad when good friends have to leave.  But we tell them that leaving means they can come back and do it all again! Brenda and red Groves and their family have been to ...
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Please, can you sponsor a child?

Chloe Groves has been sponsoring Saidi for more than 10 years, ever since he came into our care at the Happy House.  Over the years they've become good friends with Chloe keeping in touch, follow...
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Falconry centre visit

There was a wonderful outing for our Happy House kids when they travelled to Malindi to vist Falconcry of Kenya,  It's a private zoo with a collection of birds of prey, most of them rescue creatu...
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Such special family times

Kids Club at Happy House is such a joyful time, especially when we have lovely visitors who want to be a part of it. Auntie Brenda and Uncle Red Groves and family have been visiting for so many years ...
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Netball ready

Samira and her Happy House sisters are busy marking out the pitch for a netball game.  She's anticipating a tough match, but there will be plenty of little supporters to cheer both sides on.

Christmas on her mind

It is 41 days until Christmas but for our Happy House Esther it's at the forefront of her thinking!

Time to relax

The holidays started later for Happy House kids taking national school examinations.  And so now Edward is enjoyinh being able to relax and is looking forward to receiving his results.

New kit

All ready for a game of football, our Happy House kids are sporting a new kit.  It's come from a club near Winchester and was brought out by Brenda and Red Groves' granddaughter, Grace Dunba...
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Brenda brings so much

Some of our very best freinds, Brenda and Red Groves, have been visiting Happy House for many years and always bring so much. Not only do they bring friendship to Papa Dave and our team and love to ou...
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Baby steps

The older children at Happy House love having younger "brothers and sisters".  They are not related by blood but they are certainly bonded by love.  Here, Charity and her friend are encourag...
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Mwende is here to bring you greetings from the Happy House in this relaxed holiday video.

Busy boys

Saidi and friends are busy helping out in the carpentery workshop at Happy House. They are refurbishing the bedroom lockers so that all the rooms are kept looking their best,

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