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How things grow

Happy House kid, Lucky, is at school in this video checking on a class project they have to learn about how plants grow vegetables and fruit from seed.

If at first you don't succeed

Happy House kid Morphin is in his first year at our junior secondary school.  This week he's been competing in an inter-schools sports competition but failed to get through to next stage.  D...
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Washing machine appeal

Today, we are appealing to our Happy House friends to help us to buy new washing machines.  With more than 50 children to wash for - school uniforms, playing out clothes, bedding, curtains and cu...
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Another crop goes in

Young farmers Brian and friends and Chesco have been busy planting out a new crop of vegetables. And they are hopeful that the gratefully-received prolonged rains will bring them an even bigger crop t...
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Friends welcome

Happy House will always be exactly what our Mama Sue wanted it to be, a real family home for children. And that means that their friends are welcome to visit them.  Happy House kid Samira ha...
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Siblings sing

Brother and sister Lesley and Ludwin are close as can be.  They are a tight little unit within our big and happy family.  They hope to entertain you with a duet.

Scout trip

Mwende, a youngster living at Happy House, has recently returned from a scout camp oragnised by school. She thoroughly enjoyed her time away with other young people learning new and valuable skills. S...
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In loving memory

It is two years today since the sudden death of our wonderful and inspirational founder Sue Hayward. There is never a day that goes by when her beloved husband, our Papa Dave, and the Happy ...
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Ready to campaign

Following on from Morphin's recent report on the campaign to warn of the dangers of drug abuse, we hear from some of his fellow students at Happy House Junior Secondary School.  They are just abo...
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Festival hopes

Students from our Happy House Junior Secondary School have been taking part in a music festival, but  they are still waiting to hear the results.  Morphine says they are hoping they'll ...
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Getting ready for planting

With the rains continuing longer than usual, the Happy House staff is making sure that every drop will count/ Gardener Uncle Tevin and the outdoor team have been busy clearing the areas that have just...
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Visitors from Vancouver

Our Happy house team were delighted to welcome three visitors from Vancouver in Canada.  Lisa, Lucas and Simon very kindly called in to bring some much-needed items for our family.  They wer...
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Spreading Sunday smiles

Emmanuel and his Happy House friends want to spread a few Sunday smiles by singing you a song.

Always a Yorkshire man ...

You can take the man out of Yorkshire, indeed, you can take him all the way to Kenya, but you can't take Yorkshire out of the man. Our Happy House Papa Dave was born in Yorkshire and, 80 years on, is ...
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Not always easy

Happy House kid Edward likes school but admits it isn't easy.  Now he's in Grade Six he finds it tough but says he knows he must work extra hard to succeed. But he has aims and ambitions we hope ...
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Happy at home and school

Sisters, Elizabeth and Zawadi, joined our Happy House family eight months ago,  The two girls, entrusted to our care through children's services department, had been living with their grandfather...
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Weather forecast

Happy House kid Saidi is looking forward to a drop of rain in this video.  He tells us that last month was very hot and sunny so a bit of rain will be welcome.

Community project

Students in our Junior Secondary School at Happy House have been learning about drugs abuse.  They have been workig hard on putting together an information project that they can go out and delive...
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Half term race against time!

Happy House School head teacher, Mr Dan, has a busy half term ahead.  He describes it as a race against time because there are only few weeks until the term ends on August 10. Mr Dan said not onl...
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Fuelling the fires

Most of our food at Happy House is cooked in our outdoor kitchen where we need wood to fuel our bread oven.   rains have brought down some branches in our garden. Uncle Charo, our joiner, ha...
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