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Creative for Christmas

Nothing goes to waste in Kenya. And using imagination to repurpose something that would be thrown away comes as second nature. We have large bandas to decorate for our Happy House family Christmas and...
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Let them shine ...

Another glimpse of preparations for Christmas with the song and dance troupe being coached by Rukia.  These little ones are having a great time and what shining stars they are! 

Jolly good show!

Super-dancer John is now turning his hand at choreography as he rehearses some of the younger boys in a dance for Christmas.  It is, indeed, the season to be jolly. 

Christmas helper

Today, Florence presents our video giving us a little hint of what the children are doing to get ready at Happy House.  As one of the older children she is very much involved in helping the young...
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Join us as we get ready for a Happy House Christmas

With Christmas just two weeks away, the excitement is building at Happy House.  Mama and Papa are planning to make it as special as it can be by hosting a party for all the children by having a p...
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Soccer head to head

More football talk today from two of our Happy House football fans,Priscilla and Vidzo. There's a North-South divide between the two girls with Priscilla supporting Manchester United while Vidzo is a ...
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Rooting for the Gunners

Happy House kid Diana had her fingers crossed for Arsenal when they met Tottenham for a Premier League London Derby on Sunday. Diana, 13, is a huge fan of Arsenal and knows a thing or two about them,&...
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How our garden grows

In the garden tended by our young gardeners at Happy House everything is growing well. And part of the pleasure for the kids is being able to harvest their own crops. Right now, as Edward tells u...
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Our shining star

David will be 10 on December 20, but as he's a special little boy with big ideas, we'll let him off him saying he's 11!  Named after our own Papa Dave, he is a champion child who has overcome one...
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Soccer is the only sport our Happy House kids really want to talk about.  In this video, made last weekend, Brian, Charity, Greg tell you about their top teams - not that they share a view!&...
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Group discussion

Happy House kids are brought up to love, respect, care and help each other.  So if one youngster is struggling in anyway, there is always someone on hand to help them.  And that al...
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Certificate presentation

Youngsters from the Happy House who topped the quizzes set for them as some pre-exam revision all received a certificate. Mr Khamisi presented the certificates to the children We hope they will all do...
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Quiz time

With exams this week, our Happy House children have been brushing up on their knowledge,  Teachers set quizzes for children to make revising fun. It's a great way to help them be the best th...
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More cameras installed

Security is always a top priority and Mama Sue has decided to add more cameras to ensure that the Happy House is covered in all areas.  CCTV ensures that our family is safe all day and night, plu...
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Thank you St Aidan's from Happy House

The wonderful family at St Aidan's C of E High School, Preesall, Lancashire, is bringing Christmas cheer to our family at Happy House.  Mrs Joanne Rossall and her 7D year group are selling c...
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Emmanuel's Sunday song

Three year old Emmanuel is growing up to be a happy and confident little boy.  He's quite happy to stand in front of the whole Happy House family to sing a song and loves it when they all join in...
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Samira settle in

Samira, 12,  is the newest member of our family at Happy House children's home.  And now  the little girl, who was experiencing problems at home,  can put her troubles behind ...
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Charity is on the mend

Football casualty Charity is on the mend. Charity came a cropper when she fell badly on her arm during a game of soccer at the Happy House. A trip to hospital in Malindi confirmed a break and she's ha...
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Happy to back at Happy House

Our children from Happy House love to see old friends returning to visit them time and time again.  Many of them have grown up knowing DawnHeather White, a frequent visitor from Northern Ireland....
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And the winner is

We hope you've enjoyed watching the Happy House Smoothie Challenge.  Today, we come to the final day and the announcement of the winner.  Mama Sue, who set the challenge, and Evans are the j...
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