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A stitch in time

Our Happy House seamstress, Auntie Constance, has a new sewing machine.  It replaces the old workhorse of a machine that Mama Sue's mum had bought for her in 1968! After 52 years of use, heavy da...
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Borehole progress

Capping the old well, drilling a borehole, reinforcing the water tower and building a garden store is all coming on well - but at a cost of more than £1000.   As Mama tells us the water we a...
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Happy House news from Mama Sue

Today our Happy House's wonderful Mama Sue brings you up to date with all the news of our family. She expresses her concern for all those of us who have had such a long winter, made harsher by the eve...
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Growing up at Happy House

Today we meet three boys who have spent almost their entire lives at Happy House.  As we approach the 17th, the 11th anniversary of our opening, Oscar remembers how he was one of the first childr...
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Party planning in full swing

Mama Sue and her team of party planners are busy preparing for a special celebration on April 3. It's the day earmarked for a party at Mama and Papa's house to celebrate the birthday of our beloved Pa...
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Meet Mama's little monkeys!

At Happy House, Mama Sue and the children are preparing for one big party to celebrate two special birthdays. In April, it will be both Papa Dave's birthday and Evans, who will soon be starting work a...
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Firing enthusiasm at Happy House

The start the week assembly at Happy House School gave Mama Sue a chance to fire the enthusiasm for exams.  In her inspirational style she urged the youngsters to make the most of revision time, ...
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Morphin's moringa magic!

The health giving benefits of a plant that grows freely in the Happy House gardens helps to keep our children well and strong.  They have moringa as a tea every day, plus the leaves are added to ...
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Mama's busy office

There's nothing Mama Sue at  likes better than a busy office! Especially when it's filled with happy, eager children. Saturday's callers were a hint of what it will be like every day once school ...
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Securing a water supply

Having a water supply is something that most of us can take for granted but in many parts of the world it is another story entirely.  In Kenya, at our Happy House, the well we use to keep our gre...
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Bringing you sunshine

Meet some of our Happy House girls who today hope to bring their sunshine flooding into your homes and hearts. Evans, who filmed the vide, said: "We know it is often cold and wet where many of yo...
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Opportunity knocks

We continue to bring you news of the success of remedial classes at Happy House School.  Children from lower primary classes who were struggling in a particular subject are or who had missed out ...
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Weeding the garden

Continuing yesterday's gardening theme, Edward and his friends are busy weeding in the Happy House garden. In their own patch, near the laundry, they are growing pumpkins and happily tend to thei...
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A talent discovered

A bundle of energy, Saidi was just three years old when he came to Happy House in 2013.  He joined his sister Rukia who had been in our care since 2010, . The children were in the care of th...
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Celebrating success

After most of the academic year out of class because of the pandemic, many children returning to Happy House School needed help catching up. Unlike those living in the care of our children's home, who...
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Announcing results

Exams last week - results this! It was to a gathering of very excited children that Mama Sue has the important task of announcing results at Happy House School. Mama and the teachers talk to each indi...
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Start the week with a smile

The week always starts with smiles and laughter at Happy House School.  Mama Sue and Papa Dave lead the Monday assembly encouraging and inspiring the whole school family. And the humour they shar...
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Helping Uncle Julius

Many hands make light work - even if they are only small! At Happy House, Uncle Julius always has a team of volunteers willing to help out with chores in the garden. They are happy to assist with any ...
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Tropical treat

Praise for doing well is a huge boost to a youngster's confidence. Like many of the children in our family, Gift had little schooling before he came into the care of our Happy House. He tries hard and...
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Exam in progress

Today, we join a class at Happy House School during an exam.  The youngsters in Standard 7 are sitting a Swahili paper having earlier completed their social studies exam. Florence tells us more.

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