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Progress report

Mwende was just a toddler when she arrived at the Happy House more than 13 years ago.   Now she is a wonderful big "sister" to the little ones in our care. Today she is looking after Preciou...
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Rugby squads

Our Happy House kids are recent converts to the game of rugby with teams formed for both girls and boys. And we meet them here on the eve of a match in which they are to play each other, with Papa as ...
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Holiday plans

Our Happy House kid now have the longest sshool holiday of the year and it will be 2024 when they go back to class!   We feel it's important to keep them up to speed with their education so ...
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Holiday help

The academic year has ended in Kenya and our Happy House family is looking forward to the longest holiday of the year. Husna says that's why they are planning to help the house aunties wherever they c...
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Holiday freestyle

Mwende is excited that school has come to the end of the academic year and the kids at Happy House are now on holiday. She has taken out her braids.ready to wash her hair and is looking foirward to go...
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God's blessing

While to many of us in the UK may have had enough of the rain, our children at the Happy House welcome every drop.  After some scorching heat, Diana is greeting the rain with a smile has it helps...
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All washed up!

Ever since he was a small child our Happy House Brian Hayward has liked to be helpful. And now school is out he is keen to assist where he can, making life a little easier on our house aunties who loo...
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Impromptu performance

Today little Victor brings together an impromptu choir of Happy House kids to sing a song for you.

Always busy

Uncle Ibrahim, a member of our Happy House maintenance staff is always busy and he likes it that way.  This week one of his jobs has been to prepare and repaint the metalwork which is quite a tas...
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Enjoying Heroes Day

Yesterday was Mashujaa Day in Kenya, a public holiday to celebrate the heroes who contributed to the struggles for independence.  For our Happy House children that meant a longer weekend than usu...
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Leafy litter

After a period of high temperatures and strong breezes Happy House gardener, Uncle Tevin, has a lot of clearing up to do. Lots of leaves have fallen making a mess of the pathways through the gardens s...
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Floating along

Meet Happy House kid Chesco and his Grade 4 pals in a science and technolgy lession at our school.  They have been tasked woth making things that float and have improvised by making a lifejacket ...
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Students visit

Happy House was pleased to welcome taecher Naomi and a group of her students from the hairdressing course at Kakuyuni Vocational Training Centre, near Malindi.  They were given a tour of our home...
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The last week

This is the final week at school for our Happy House children and they are looking forward to the holidays.  Mwende says it will give them a chance to be together as a family and to undertake dif...
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Independent John

Standing on his own feet suits Happy House John just fine.  He is grateful to be living in Hatch House, the first bungalow unit we have built on our halfway house site.He shares it with twins, Gi...
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Hair today!

Saturday morning at Happy House and the girls are taking the braids out of their hair. Unplaiting is time consuming so it's always good to have some help.  Here Elizabeth is helping Charity ...
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Happy chickens

Our staff at Happy Hiouse are keen to help anywhere they are needed. Uncle Charo, our joiner, enjoys giving a hand to the outdoor staff when hew has the time. And in this video he is looking after our...
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It's raining grass!

The rain is good news for our goats at Happy House as it makes grass and weeds grow.  And gardener Uncle Tevin is ensuring that the goats get to graze in the compound to make the most of the abun...
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Oh, happy day!

Three little boys, all Happy House kids, have banded together to wish you all a happy day!

All work and no play ...

Getting a chance to wind down is so important for students at Happy House School who are either doing exams or preparing for them.  Break times are a welcome chance to relax and recharage their b...
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