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A clean sweep

Eric and his younger brothers Lucky and Thomas are a very close unit within our Happy Huse family and enjoy helping each other.  Today Eric is happily helping Thomas with a school assig...
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Colouring competition

Some of our Happy House children went to school on Saturday morning, so the younger ones who had stayed at home organised an activity for themselves.   In this video Lucky tells us how they ...
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High school challenge

Jacinta moved from Happy House School to high school this term and was very excited by the prospect. In this video she brings us her latest news about exams. We now look forward to hearing her results...
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Yesterday, the kids were shown helping to cook Saturday lunch - today they are helping to serve it.  Rukia is at the counter dishing out the chicken pilau they made and she tells us that Auntie A...
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Cooking up a treat

Three birthdays, but treats for all! That's the way we like to do it at Happy House.. On Saturday, James, Ludwin and Vidzo's birthdays were being celebrated and Auntie Angela, who sponsors Ludwin and ...
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Victor meets his mum

Happy House toddler, Victor, who will be two next month has been reunited with his birth mother. Victor, who was found abandoned in Malindi, was placed into our care by the Children's Office in March ...
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Protecting crops

Keeping crops clear of pests is something our garden team at Happy House thas o do. We are very careful what we use but we cannot afford to let vegetable crops get eaten by pests when we need the crop...
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My best friend by Joyce

Joyce and Jessica are growing up together as members of our Happy House family.  They have formed a strong bond and are very best friends. Here Joyce tells us why theeir friendship is so special.

Our newest arrival finds his feet

Slowly, and with much encouragement, the newest and youngest member of our Happy House family is finding his feet. Peter, 18 months, had suffered from neglect before being placed in our care last mont...
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Mama's Garden

The family at Happy House are taking loving care of the garden planted in memory of their Mama Sue . The children tend it with the same kind of love that she tended them - nurturing them from weak lit...
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Preparing a seedbed

Happy House kid Harry is preparing another bed in the garden ready for grwoing vegetables. Learning about agriculture and horticulture is important to students in schools across Kenya and preparing a ...
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A new team member at Happy House

Our Happy House team has a new member, Auntie Elina, who is a social worker. We have managed without a social worker since Uncle Ronald left and throughout the pandemic but Papa and the management tea...
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Papa starts the week

Papa is back in the routine he and Mama enjoyed of taking a place at the sart the week assembly at Happy House School.  He's a popular figure with the children and a font of knowledge and up to d...
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Keeping the courtyard looking lovely

When Mama Sue designed her Happy House she chose to put an open courtyard or atrium right at it's hearts, with bedrooms on each side. T his made a light and airy environment, which could be secured at...
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Six little mischiefs!

The younger children in our Happy House family love the classic nursery songs and a rhymes. The older ones pass them on to the younger ones and when they add the actions they make them even more fun. ...
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Pumpkin harvest home

Five Happy House kids have been out in the garden harvesting pumpkins they have grown.  All the children in our family enjoy the taste of pumpkins, especially in soup, and are looking forward to ...
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Going to church

The Happy House family hlds its own services of worship with prayers and hymns.  These are important times for the youngsters and so it was very special for them to receive an invitation from a l...
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Radio Watamu broadcasting

Papa Dave got the week off to a good start for students in Happy Huse School by broadcasting the news of the weekend football results.  This is an assembly format he and Mama Sue established and ...
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Studying life from afar

Three Happy house kids have been studying life from afar.  Papa loanedthem a set of binoculars so that they could brings things in the distance up close without moving an inch.  They practic...
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"We are being strong" says Papa

The days and weeks since the death of his beloved Sue have the darkest time in Papa Dave's life.  He and Mama Sue were an inseparable team. They lived and worked together for most of their lives....
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