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Visitors from the UK

Our Happy House family was delighted to have a visit from a lovely family visiting Watamu from the UK. Sarju and Barin Dodhia and their children, from Buckinghamshire, had heard about the Happy House ...
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Out to lunch

Our friend Paul Hatch laid on lots of amazing treats for our children while he was visiting Watamu.  The latest was a trip out for lunch at a local restaurant, something very special indeed. He a...
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Checking up

After a day at the school, first stop for Happy House kid Edward is his garden plot.   He and his friends like to check up on how their plants are growing and to make sure they are ok. ...
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Parcel post

It's always exciting to get new things for our children at Happy House. And with visitors still sparse, as they have been since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, our storeroom has been much depleted...
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Sack racing

Samira one of our older girls at Happy House and a big "sister" to the younger ones enjoys helping to organise games.  At the weekend she sorted out a game of sack racing for the little kids who ...
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Hard task for Natacha

Papa Dave and the family were very happy to welcome two visitors to Happy House.  Natacha Blanchard, who is French, and her friend Victoria called in just in time to join the fun of Kidz Club. As...
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Boat trip excitement

Another video of the Class 8 boat trip organised for students of Happy house School by friend and trustee Paul Hatch. The youngsters had an amazing time and are grateful for the experience. Husna pres...
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All at sea

Students in Class Eight at Happy House School had a fantastic adventure at sea. As they are about to take their final primary exams, their gateway, to secondary school our good friend and a trustee Pa...
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On the ball with rondo

Our aspiring young soccer players can't wait for the school holidays when they know they will be getting more football training.  They have recently learnt about rondo football skills at school f...
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Another thank you

Yesterday we showed you our three aunties who were celebrating their birthdays by organising a treat for our Happy House kids.  And today, Florence presents a videowith more thanks to them as the...
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Aunties birthday treat

Three of our Happy House aunties celebrate their birthdays in February. Auntie Janet, Auntie Caro and Auntie Milly love our children every bit as much as the kids love them and they wanted to make the...
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Looking after Mama's garden

A group of our little boys, all of whom spent their early years, in the loving care of our Mama Sue at Happy House have bee tending the garden planted in her memory. The garden, under her office windo...
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Making a book jacket

Morphin is getting ready for a school project. His teacher wants them to make a book jacket, but first he has to gather all the items he will need for the task. He tells us what they are.

Apple bobbing

Our Happy House children had great fun bobbing for apples at Kidz Club.  , are a real treat, and they were donated by our special friend Paul Hatch.  Mama Sue introduced apple bobbing to the...
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A case of kindness

Stocking our store room at Happy House has become a major problem since the start of the pandemic. Covid meant that the number visitors coming to Watamu declined immediately, and that meant that we mi...
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Writiing's on the wall

The writing is on the wall for Husna.  This amabitious Happy House kid would like to be an author when she grows up. She loves reading and the way books can transport their readers into...
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In fine voice

Our children at Happy house has a inpromptu singing lesson when a lovely gentleman called Roberto came to visit. Roberto and his friends had heard about Happy House and were eager to see it for themse...
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Love, love, love

Love is what makes our world go round at Happy House. It was love that drove our Mama Sue to give up everything to move move to Kenya to fulfil her dream of creating a real family home for children in...
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Walking home

Mwende walks home to Happy House from school with some of her younger brothers and sisters.  It's only a short walk and a pleasant one after a long day in the class.  Once home where they ar...
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Regular maintenance

Keeping the Happy House vehicle sparkling and running smoothly is one of the jobs of Uncle Saidi.  Uncle Saidi is one of our drivers and he takes a great pride in ensuring that the children we tr...
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