Our Team

Meet our team

We are all here for one reason … our Happy House children.

Our charity founder Sue Hayward, and her husband Dave, are Mama and Papa to our family both in our children’s home and school.

Sue has a trusted and experienced management and admin team – including administrator, Auntie Rose, school secretary Auntie Velma and our social worker, Uncle Ronald.


At home we have a team of house aunties who look after every aspect of the children’s home life including general welfare, cooking, cleaning and laundry. They are carefully picked and trained to ensure that the interests of the children come above all else. 

Working at Happy House is not just a job, it is a vocation.   Social-worker-Uncle-Ronald









We also have a outdoor staff to look after the gardens and to rear food crops to help feed our family, and to take care of general maintenance.

In our joinery workshop we have a skilled carpenter and assistant to make any furniture etc we need and to carry out repairs. 


At school, there is a team of experienced, well trained and caring teachers all intent on bringing out the best in each and every child. Busy-in-the-kitchen









 In the UK, Elizabeth Gomm, Auntie Libby to Happy House, is our charity coordinator. She is an unpaid volunteer who works alongside Mama Sue to raise awareness and funds to maintain and grow our Happy House.

All we do is driven by the love of the children whose lives are being transformed or enhanced by Happy House.