Sponsored Child Scheme

Charity Mariam and Said with  postcards from a member of their sponsor family resize

Charity, Mariam and Salama with postcards from a member of their sponsor families

Please sponsor a child and change a life.

Weaving the Happy House magic changes the lives of children . Children who find themselves, through no fault of their own in unimaginable circumstances of poverty, neglect or abuse.
Once part of our caring family, built on a foundation of love and respect, sad, poorly, frightened little souls blossom into happy, healthy, and confident youngsters.
who can live every day to the full ,without the fear of what tomorrow may bring. They can enjoy a worry-free childhood that every child deserves.
Our magic doesn't stop at the Happy House gates, it also weaves its wonders into the hearts and lives of many others.

You too, can experience the Happy House love by joining our family by sponsoring a child.
As well as knowing they are financially supporting Mama Sue and her charity to maintain and develop the work of the Happy House, sponsors have the opportunity to become a very important part of their sponsor child’s life.

Andrea Mander meets her sponsor  child Anne  resize

By sending emails, letters, photographs, or postcards. Cards for birthdays and Christmas. Our sponsor friends open a window on another world for their child and give them a sense of belonging.
Every email, photo, postcard etc. that a child receives will go into their memory box, and will be looked at time and time again.

Sponsors will receive a reply from their child, sent by our very caring social worker, Uncle Ronald, who works very closely with our kids to help them get to know their sponsors.
Because some of our children have few, if any, relatives, our aim is to build sponsor families for each child.

Some people just want to make a financial contribution to a child's upkeep, others wish to write and send gifts, we can never tell which, so by having more than one sponsor in a family, if possible, we can try to ensure at least one or two will want to build an interactive friendship with their child.

By building families we are also ensuring that should circumstances change and a sponsor be forced to leave us, the sense of loss will be cushioned. Our children have already experienced more heartbreak and loss than most of us will ever endure in a lifetime.

Adrea Manders meets sponsor child Ann

Our sponsor friends take their Happy House child into their hearts. They look upon them as a member of their own families

Some, if they are able, take their holidays to Watamu just so they can visit the Happy House and meet their own special little person! Sponsorship is so rewarding for the child and the sponsor so we want to make it memorable ... and to create memories that both will cherish for the rest of their lives. To become a sponsor please set up

monthly standing order for £20 Regular updates and photographs will be sent of ‘your’ child. The child that you are saving from a life of poverty and despair. You will see your child grow to be a happy healthy confident individual, who will hold their head high and be so proud to say 'I'm a Happy House Kid’

In some cases, because we maintain strong links with each child's family members where it is possible and safe to do so, we are sometimes able, in time, to repatriate a child back into the community with a blood relative. We continue to support their education in a school local to them and to ensure any medical care is paid. These are the two biggest expenses to a relative who has worked hard to rebuild their own life after whatever tragedy or hardship resulted into their child coming into care. We monitor each child closely and ask sponsors, in these cases, to continue sponsoring to enable us to support the child within their own family - which is how it should be. We continue to provide a safety net so should circumstances change, which they can, a child can return to our care. As we say to all our children, ‘Once a Happy House Kid, always a Happy House Kid.’

The monthly standing order can be downloaded via this link 133.98 Kb133.98 KB

Please fill in the form and send it to your bank to action or set up a standing order via online banking - then email Sue or Elizabeth sue@childrenofwatamu.net or elizabethgomm@childrenofwatamu.net with your details.
They need:
Your name, address, phone number, and your email address. Plus the amount of your monthly donation and the start date.

£20 is the optimum amount.

 You will receive a profile and photograph of your child (by email)

Betty Hatch meets Salama

and can look forward to updates and photographs of their 

progress, school reports etc. We know you will enjoy

seeing your child grow and blossom.

 Together, we can change lives.

Thank you for caring.

 Betty Hatch with sponsor child Salama

Myra Boyle sponsors Saumu : “She is like a little gift to me. It is so personal and I know if I send something to her she will get it. “

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