Please, can you help us to FIND A FRIEND?

david memory boxEach one of us who sponsors a Happy House child has become a part of a very special family... we know how much pleasure it brings to us, so now we are appealing to each and every one of our sponsors to help us by Finding a Friend who will also sponsor.

We would like to double the number of sponsors we have over the next few months, giving us the financial security we need, as a charity, to raise our family.

Thanks to the remarkable insight and vision of Mama Sue, our unique sponsor scheme not only changes the life of her children, it also changes our sponsors' lives too.

By aiming to create sponsor families of five people for each child, our children have a very good chance of forging real friendships with at least a couple of their sponsors as, we appreciate and understand, some want to be more actively involved than others.

Sponors also get a chance to get to know and make friends with the other sponsors in their child's family which brings with it the joy of sharing a common bond.
Some meet up, help with fundraising events, and all look forward to hearing and sharing news of their child which comes in regular updates, school reports etc from the Happy House.

 The daily blog on our website and our Facebook page give sponsors a chance to follow daily life at the Happy House and good chance to catch a glimpse of their child.
Each  of our children, those old enough to understand, looks upon their sponsors as special friends. They, too, look forward to getting letters, emails, postcards, and photos from these friends and to storing them away safely as treasures in their memory boxes.  Many sponsors save hard to visit the Happy House and meet their child, which brings so many joys.

The sponsor scheme, importantly, brings in a regular, guaranteed, income to our small charity and will, eventually, go along way to underpinning our running costs.

Right now, in common with other charities, we are facing a financial crisis and , as you will know, times are so tough that Mama and Papa felt they had to take heartwrenching step of leaving their family in the safe hands of Auntie Rose, Uncle Billy and Uncle Isaac, to come back to the UK for a few months to work with me in the UK on a major fundraising drive.

We cannot do this without YOUR help.

An important part of fundraising drive is our Find a Friend Appeal . We are asking each of you, who know and love your own sponsor child, to share the joy this brings to you with your friends.

Please, help our family by signing up a new sponsor.

For £20 a month (the cost of a couple of takeaways,or a night out) they can change a child's life.

It's a small price to pay to give a child, who has known hunger, fear and pain, a family home where they are loved, cherished and educated.

A childhood free from fear and neglect, with the freedom to play and grow, is the priceless gift you are giving to your Happy House child.

Please share your Happy House friendship with others - family, friends and colleagues - and please, please, FIND A FRIEND for a Happy House child.

How to sponsor

You can find out all you need to know and download a sponsor form at

To find out  how to sponsor using online banking please email:

For any further information email:  or
Love is ... sponsoring a Happy House child

Lynn Baya Thoya and Musyoka

Lynn Avis (left) a very special friend and sponsor to Musyoka: "Sponsoring Musyoka has changed my life forever. "
Happy House Andrea Manders  who sponsors Natasha with Sue Hayward
Andrea Manders (right) looks upon Natasha as a member of  her family: " I have made friends with two of Natasha’s other sponsors and others who also sponsor 
Happy House children.  It truly is a Happy House familywhich extends beyond the walls of the actual               building."
Agnes and Brian Crighton are in Harry's sponsor family:                                                                                                                              

Agnes and Brian Crighton with Harry We hope sponsoring Harry will help Sue and her team provide all the things he requires to lead a happy and healthy life. He and his growing number of brothers and sisters need to be educated to give them a good start into adulthood. A small amount of money goes a long way in Kenya and  it is easy to keep in touch with the Happy House. At last we have found somewhere that we are happy to donate to and know that our help will reach the child it is intended to help".

 Lily is so special to sponsor Steph Hill: “I cried when I met Lily! She is even more beautiful in real life. To see her so happy, in a place she can now call home was amazing."

Steph Hill meets her Lily

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